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Back from the cruise.

We drove through the night to get back to Knoxville from our cruise out of Miami, but we made it. I have some pictures posted here on my MySpace page. Check them out. I'll be adding more as I have time. St. Maarten was kind of a let down after the awesomeness that was St. Thomas. It has some of the best scenery and beaches that I've ever seen. If we were offered jobs there we would take them for sure.

In San Juan we took a kayak tour on a a lake filled with bio-luminescent flagellates. We got to row through a Mangrove forest in the dark and the water lit up every time we put an oar in the water. It was pretty impressive. The guide claimed that on a really dark night you can see the fish swimming by the glowing blue trails in the water. Either he's a liar or it was just not dark enough that night to see them.

Aside from some mild stomach thing on the last day of the cruise it was great. I have a bit of a tan now, and I hardly got burned.
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