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Burning River and Hancock


Tonight we went and saw Hancock and I tried the Burning River Pale Ale from GLBC.

Hancock was a better movie than I thought it was going to be, but it could have been better in a few ways. Several of the reviews that I read say that the best part of the movie is the section before the turn. That's probably true. It's funny. I like movies where superheroes aren't perfect and Hancock reacts to public criticism in the same way that most of us would: badly. He saves a guy's life and the public is pissed off at him for the way that he does it. That hardly seems fair!

It's not really a movie about a superhero. It's a movie about a guy who needs someone to care about him. Here are some spoilers: Hancock doesn't know who he is or where he comes from or how it is that he got to be the way he is. He woke up with amnesia in a hospital in Miami and thinks that he must be pretty worthless if no one ever came and looked for him. That worthlessness really eats at him. A simple thing like meeting a kid who likes him despite the bad things that people say about him or having inmates clap for him when he finally speaks up in group are enough to give him the feeling of being needed. It's a film on the theme of "no man is an island."

Also, Hancock kills a few people. I don't know how you folks feel about that, but I don't mind seeing that from a super hero. Perhaps I'll start an Unideal Observer thread about it.

The Burning River beer is only OK in my book. I'll drink the ones that I have, but I'm not really interested in getting any more. It's a bit too bitter for me. Whereas the Dortmunder was beautifully balanced this one is a little heavy on the hops for me. It reminds me most of a Samuel Adams. They have essentially the same tastes. If you like one then you'll like the other, but neither are for me.

Also: Shark Week is coming! I wish it were then now.
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Unknown said...

Hancock sounds like it's worth a watch, but I'm not in a hurry, I'll find some way to *ahem* "acquire" it sometime soon. Thanks for putting your spoilers in another color. It made them simple to avoid, which I did, and still know when that part was finished. That was good thinking.

Also, I saw the Dark Knight last night. It has some of the problems that all action movies have, but all in all, It's very good. Ledger is the highlight of the film. I'm thoroughly disappointed that we will never get another performance of the Joker like that.