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Great Lakes Brewing Company

Aud and I went up to Ohio this weekend, and it was great to see everyone who was around. I miss those Bowling Green folks. A couple of them have a radio show on Mondays from 4-6 that discusses political issues. I'll be calling in there pretty regularly when I have the chance. If you go to that link you can find a link to their show's live broadcast on the interwebs. Check it out.

Also while I was in OH I picked up a sample pack of beers from the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland, OH. They are a really great brewery, and they make some very fine beers. Unfortunately I had only just discovered them when I left OH and it isn't available in Tennessee for some reason. I'll post some little reviews of the beers that I try in the next few days. Here's the first one!

Tonight I tried the Dortmunder Gold Lager. The website lists 14 gold medals for this beer from the World Beer Championships. It deserves every one of them. The color is a beautiful gold and the head is thin but stiff enough to last to the last sip while leaving light rings on the glass. The flavor is a really plesant and balanced combination of malt and hops that leaves a lightly hoppy aftertaste. If you want a bright and delicious lager with a lightly hoppy flavor, this one is for you.

As a side note, check out the website for the GLBC. They are a green company in many different ways, and the brewery tour video on the site is pretty excellent.
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