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Honey Badgers!

This cute little critter was mentioned on Top Gear, and I hadn't heard of it so I decided to look it up.  It's a badger that lives in Africa, and it's totally bad ass.  They eat everything from fruit to smallish (1 meter) crocodiles and gazelles.  It's only about 3.5 feet long and 30 lbs, but it will face down leopards, kill crocs and gazelles and steal food from puff adders.  They also love to eat bees.

The wiki article cites a National Geographic program:
In a 2002 National Geographic documentary titled "Snake killers: Honey badgers of the Kalahari", a badger named Kleinman was documented stealing a meal out of a puff adder's mouth and casually eating the meal in front of the hissing snake. After the meal, Kleinman began to hunt the puff adder, the species being one of the badger's preferred venomous snakes. He managed to kill the snake and began eating it, but then collapsed on the dead snake as he had been bitten during the struggle. After about two hours he surprisingly awoke. Once his paralysis had subsided, the badger continued with his meal and then resumed his journey.[4]
If you're curious, puff adders have necrotic poison and kill more people in Africa than any other snake.  They make honey badgers a little sleepy.  Wow.  (I watched the snake video and he didn't "manage" to kill the snake.  He casually killed it and ate it.  There was another one when one climbs a tree to get to a cobra and kills it on top of the tree.)

(There are also videos on YouTube of them facing lions and one where a 10 foot monitor lizard tries to eat one and gets its face eaten instead.  Animals are so cool.)
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Matt Deaton said...

Awesome--my new favorite animal. Sorry, mongeese!