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Jumping Goat Amber Ale

Another beer review!  I was going to finish up a post I started a long while back about Libertarianism, but I decided to be more of a slacker and review another of my Trader Joe's single beers.

Jumping goat is an ale that smells a lot like Fat Tire.  It's got that same sickly-sweet smell with the same sort of hoppy/flower taste.  This one has a taste of honey, too.  Very little head that dissipated soon after I took this picture.  Unsurprisingly, there wasn't any banding at all.

I generally like amber ales, but this is a style I can't really get into.  There's this almost cloying flavor going on and that's not what I want in a beverage.  Perhaps it's the goat part that I don't like.  I had this beer called Celebrator Doppelbock a few years ago with my friend Joel, and it was straight-up terrible.  BeerAdvocates gave it an A+, but I can't imagine why.  It's been a year or two since then, but I think I remember both of us hating it pretty hard.  It did come with the sweet goat-on-a-string in the picture at the right.  At least it had that going for it.
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Joel MacClellan said...

that was straight-up terrible beer!