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Michael A. Stackpole's "In Hero Years...I'm Dead"


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I've liked Stackpole for quite a long time, and this story reminds me why. He writes good characters and lets them drive the story. The characters in this book are interesting, and we get introduced to them slowly over the course of the story. The story seems like a character study of some characters who see a lot of action rather than the adventure that I was expecting. 

Stackpole sort of dumps you into the life of a semi-retired crime-fighter who has been absent from his home city (think Gotham or Metropolis) for 20 years. He's dealing with the repercussions of his sudden and mysterious departure, the people he left behind, and the massive changes in the culture of the city. It's a story which combines almost-recognizable characters and an interesting social system which provides one view of what might happen in a system which embraces both heroes and villains. 

It was an interesting story, but it wasn't my favorite of Stackpole's work. For his best, I would look to Talion: Revenant or I, Jedi.

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