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Noodler's Tiananmen

I promised reds from the grading season, and here's the first one. Noodler's Tiananmen is a deep reddish ink that looks like a pale maroon under the light in my office. You'll see that in the close up of the smear it looks much brighter than I described. I wish it was really as red as it shows here. That pic was taken outside at about noon on a bright day. I'll add another picture tomorrow to see if I can get a better color representation. (I added one, and it's way more accurate.) It really shows off the coloring in the ink even if it's way too bright.

 I had high hopes for this ink after seeing a few favorable reviews on the FPN. I like deep, dark reds and this one is dark when it flows well. My expectations weren't met, though. I'm disappointed that I don't like it more than I do. The main problem with this ink is that it just didn't flow well for me. (I had it loaded up in my Lamy Al-Star, so I don't think the pen was the problem.) It was one of the driest flowing inks that I've used. It felt scratchy on the page, and the line was much more faint than I would have preferred. I might give it another try at some point in a different pen, but the Lamy is one of my most reliable ones so I don't know.

Bright sunlight.
Light through my window.

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