Delta Brown

It's been a while since I reviewed a brown ink, and I'd forgotten how much I like them. There's just something about the earthy richness of a good brown ink that I really like to see on the page. This is a very good brown, and one that maybe unique in my collection. I think the closest might be Franklin-Christoph's Brown 732, but the Delta ink is darker, I believe.

Aside from the great color, this ink also flows really well in both a fine medium nib and a big broad nib. It also behaves really well on copy paper, with just a couple of little bleeds from the broad nib and no bleeding at all with the medium.

Written Review


This ink doesn't seem to want to stick to my letter opener. Thus, the small swatch. It happens sometimes. It's probably something about surface tension or something, but I'm no physicist.

Copy Paper Test

 This is some really solid performance from this ink. There is a touch of bleed in some places from the broad nib, but that's not a big surprise. I'm surprised that there is so little bleed.


These are 30ml containers, according to Anderson Pens. It's odd that neither the bottle or the box advertise that fact. They're the same bottles that Pelikan and Kaweco use, though

Ink Comparisons!

Browns are a difficult color to pin down, and I have plenty of brown inks, so I've given you lots of comparisons. 

Video Review and Water Test

So, it's a great brown. One of those colors that is a little hard to quantify. The performance on copy papers is great, and I don't really have anything bad to say about the ink (aside from the poor water-resistance). It appears that this ink goes for $15 at Anderson Pens, and that's a little expensive for a bottle this size. It's in line with the Kaweco inks that are in the same bottles (and a bit more than the Pelikan inks), though, so it seems about par for the course. Import fees, I'd imagine.


Diamine Majestic Blue

I originally bought this ink because someone commented that they'd heard that Akkerman #5 is just rebranded Majestic Blue. I've heard that sort of thing before, but I'd never been able to test it. So, over Christmas, I was in the DC area and found this ink at Bertram's Inkwell. It's not a bad buy, but it's not going to be my favorite blue. It's also almost certainly not a dupe of the Akkerman ink. (Not that one, anyway.)

The color is good, and it looks better on regular papers than it does on the coated papers (like Rhodia) because the sheen is so heavy on the fancy paper that it makes the blue difficult to see. The problem is Majestic Blue doesn't always behave itself on copy paper. It was okay in the medium nib, but when I moved to the broad stub it bled through. There were feathers from both nibs. It's not awful performance, but it's not great either. The other issue is that it seems to give me hard starts if I haven't used the pen in a day or so. (You can see that demonstrated in the video.) Once it gets going, though, it's a pretty wet ink.

Written Review


The Bottle

Copy Paper Test

Ink Comparisons! (Lots of them.)


Video Review

Check this one out at your favorite retailers. It comes in an 80ml bottle for $14-$15. I suggest Bertram's Inkwell or Anderson Pens. Both are great shops.


Montblanc Golden Yellow

So, I wasn't expecting to like this ink at all. It's yellow. My suspicion was that it was going to be too light for me to use for much of anything. In fact, it was the one limited edition from Montblanc that I was going to skip on purpose.

I sure am glad that Appelboom Pennen offered to send it to me for review. I'd have missed out on something really cool.

Golden Yellow is much more golden than it is yellow, I think. It's got an orange cast that reminds me of marigolds. I kinda love marigolds, so that's a huge plus for me. They're summery, they smell great, and they have all sorts of benefits to your garden. This isn't an ink that I'm going to use all the time, but it's certainly one that I'll use. I've been using it to grade some papers this last week, and it's pretty perfect for that.

Written Review


I took these pictures in some indirect sunlight today, and it makes the paper look just a little bit creamy. I think it's okay, though, as the ink color looks right. 

A Terrible Drawing of a Marigold:
 Whatever. It's not that bad.

Copy Paper Test

 One of the best things about this ink is that there's not even a little bit of bleed.

 It's the same sort of design as the Pink Ink that they did last year. It's also the same bottle that is pretty common in the limited edition line.


Color Comparisons

Extra color comparisons? I got those. 

I'm really excited about that Akkerman Oranje Boven. It's really striking.

Water Drop Test & Video Review

Thanks again to Appelboom for sending this out to me. It's a really interesting ink, and worth picking up if you're looking for an orangy-yellow for your collection. It comes in 30ml bottles for about $20 or so.

(If you're in the US, then check it out at Anderson Pens where it goes for $17. It sold out almost immediately, but they could get more. I haven't even seen it on anyone else's site.)