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Monteverde Erinite


Monteverde is one of those ink companies that seems to fly under the radar. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps it's because the inks are widely available and not all that expensive? Scarcity and a steep price seem to get the attention these days. Anyway, they're generally really good inks.

Contrary to form, one is only okay, and it's not really my cup of tea. It's a nice enough match for the gemstone that it's supposed to emulate, but that gem is fairly light and so the ink ends up being too pale for me. I think that if it were about 1/3 more saturated I'd really like it.

Check it out below and look for it at any of the Monteverde vendors you shop with. It's available in 30ml and 90ml bottles as well as samples. I'd go with a sample on this one but, at $8 for the smaller bottle, it's cheap enough to try out for fun.

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Staples 20lb Copy Paper:

Tomoe River Ink Journal:

Inky Fingers Currently Inked:

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**I picked this ink up at the Pay It Forward table at a pen show. I'll be returning it to the PIF project for someone else to pick up and enjoy.**

Robert Oster Frankly Scarlet

Federalist Pens was the first US vendor for Robert Oster inks, and they marked their first anniversary with an ink called Frankly Blue. This year, for their second anniversary, they marked it with the release of Frankly Scarlet. As you can see in these images, Frankly Scarlet is a very dark red that's really more of a maroon to my eye. It's nicely saturated, and a little bit dry, but it flows just fine in the nibs that I used. I'd go for a wetter nib with this ink, though.

If you dig this ink, you can find it at Federalist Pens (link above) or at most other Robert Oster vendors. 

The Bottle:

Robert Oster's inks always come in these tall 50ml bottles. They're good bottles, with a big enough mouth to fit any fountain pen, though their shape means that you might have a hard time reaching the bottom when the ink gets low enough.

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Staples 20lb Copy Paper:

Tomoe River InkJournal:

Inky Fingers Currently Inked:

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This last one is more like what I think of when I think of scarlet.

**This bottle of ink was provided for review by Federalist Pens. No money changed hands, and no promises were given. WYSIWYG, YMMV, etc.**

Platinum's Procyon


This is a new pen from Platinum that iterates on the success of the Preppy and the Plasir. This one doesn't take the same nib/section, but the shape is unmistakable. Check it out in the video below.

All manner of cases from Nock Co.


My First Bag Review: Mystery Ranch 3-zip Urban Assault

Hey folks! I've been meaning to do bag reviews for a while now, but I hadn't figured out the details of shooting that sort of video. Well, I went for it, and I think it came out pretty well.

The 3-zip style is really pretty cool. I' haven't seen any of these out in the wild before, but it's a really comfortable and useful bag. Check it out in the video below.

It's been quiet around here.


Hey folks.

I know it's been quiet around here. Partly, that's because I forgot to finish a couple of reviews that I meant to post. Partly, it's because I was on vacation. Partly, it's because I was really depressed by the death of my good friend Jim Rouse. Partly, it's because I was doing some reviews that are much better in video so they live on YouTube and not here.

Sorry about that.

So: Current News:

The DC Pen Show 2018 is in the books. It was a busy show, and I've got lots of pictures that I'll endeavor to post this week. I'm not home quite yet (visiting my aunt in the DC area for a few days), but I'll look at those pics and videos when I get home. I hope they're good. I think at least some of them will be. It was a hard show for those of us who were great friends of Jim. He was missed all the time, and the loss was felt by many. He wasn't much for memorials, so raise a glass and toast him when you get a chance. He'd like that.

I got a logo designed for the blog and YouTube channel, and I really like it. HeyMatthew did a great job with very little help from me. I'm no designer, so I let him give me some ideas, and they were really good. It'll be here, it'll be on the YouTube, it'll be on merch eventually. EVERYWHERE. Here it is below:

Uh...that's about it, I guess. Check out my YouTube channel. Join a live chat on Fridays at 4pm over on YouTube.

See ya there!

Kyo-Iro Stone Road of Gion

**I meant for this post to go up ages ago, and I totally forgot about it. Sorry about that.**

So, Stone Road isn't an ink that I really like. I tried to like it for so long and we just don't get along. It's an interesting brown color, and I love browns. Unfortunately, it is just too undersaturated and too dry for my tastes. I tried it in a few pens (and pretty well exhausted the sample I had), but it ended up being in this Conway Stewart for entirely too long when I wrote the review. I was actually a little anxious to get it out of this pen so that I could enjoy this Conway again.

Anyway, if you've got a very wet nib or if you just like pale inks, I'd say give this one a try. If not, then give it a sample or a pass.

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20 lb Copy Paper Test

Currently Inked (Wheat Paper)


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**This sample was sent out by Anderson Pens for my review. No money changed hands, and my review is my own. Your mileage may vary. Et cetera, et cetera. **