J. Herbin's Stormy Grey

I've been reviewing so many sparkly inks that I automatically attach the word "Diamine" to any shimmey ink. Fortunately, my wife noticed that I'd put the wrong brand on this review. Hooray for Audrey!

Alright, so I know this isn't the newest Herbin ink on the block. Or even the second newest. I just noticed that I hadn't actually reviewed this one, though. I bought it from my friend Lori almost a year ago, and I'd never used it. I think Audrey had used it for a fill or maybe two, but I hadn't. So it's getting reviewed now as part of our Nibs & Nails feature. That means that she's got a nail polish that is based on this ink to show you over at her blog. It's pretty cool. Check it out if you (or someone you know) is into painting their nails.

Stormy Grey is, first, a really good grey ink. I like the not-black hue and it behaves itself pretty well on copy paper (and really well on good paper). It flows perfectly well despite the shimmer, and it looks cool in a demonstrator. I don't see anything that makes me think that it's going to stain my TWSBI Vac Mini, though it did certainly stain my desk when I accidentlly poured the contents of my vac onto the desk. Not ideal for my desk, but that's what ink is supposed to do.

Nibs and Nails!

This week's nail polish came out pretty perfectly, I think. Head over to Right on the Nail to check this one out. You can even win some! (This can't be bought anywhere, so get in there and enter to win!)

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

Tomoe River Test


Water Test & Video Review

Different (and worse) lighting, but here's the after-shot. It's got some water resistance!

Shimmer! Glitter!

So, I actually like this ink a lot. It makes me look forward to revisiting the rest of those J. Herbin inks over the next several weeks

You can find it from many vendors, including my friends at Anderson Pens where you can find it in 50ml bottles for $26 and 3ml samples for $2.50.

(I bought this bottle with my own cash-money, and everything reported here is representative of my experience. As usual.) 


Papier Plume Peacock Blue

Another Papier Plume ink? Yep! This one is a charming turquoise blue that really reminds me of those fly-over shots you get of deep, tropical waters

The Written Review

And now for one in sunlight that is unreasonably bright! Yeah. That's way too bright.

Close Ups:
 I took these inside in indirect sunlight, and the color is accurate on all of my screens. You get a much different hue from the narrower, drier nib on the Loom. For me, the wetter nib is way better with this ink.

 Another unreasonably bright picture:

Tomoe River:

Copy Paper Test:

 It doesn't have the best performance on copy paper, and you lose the cool shading in the ink on the copy paper. Keep it on the good stuff.

 Yo, dog, I hear you like blue...

Lots of Blues:

 Blues in bright light:

Video Review and Water Test:

 Yeah...no water resistance.

If you're looking for this ink, head over to Papier Plume and get it in bottles from $5 to $12. Tell 'em I sent ya. It won't get us anything, but it's fun to say!

***This ink was provided free of charge in return for my honest review. That's what I do here. Honest reviews.***


I totally meant to have a post today...

...but I just looked at my pictures and my video. And I hate them all. My indoor pictures were too dark, and my outdoor pictures were too bright. My video was wonky. My audio was weak, my...

Well. It was all poorly done.

I just got a new camera, and it's great, but I don't know how to use it yet. That means I've got some work to do. I'm going to do it, though. Pictures will be awesome. Just not tonight.



RNG Products SQ1 EDC PEN (On Kickstarter now.)

Ryan sent this little pen out to me a little while ago, and the kickstarter has been live for almost a week, and it has far surpassed the target goal. It's certainly going to be funded, and Ryan has said that they number of pledges will determine the shipping date.

The pen was originally conceived of as a stylus pen that was tough enough to serve in anyone's "every day carry" kit. In response to customer preference, though, Ryan decided to offer non-stylus versions of the pen. That's fine with me, as I don't use a stylus.

Check out the pictures below, and let me know what you think of this little project in the comments.



The front of the pen.

The divots in the grip.


All of the parts, except for the set-screw and the refill. I didn't have a hex key for that handy.

The back-end of the pen without a stylus. Stylus versions are available, and it would go on this end.

Review in progress.

My ballpoint handwriting is terrible. Terrible.

 The tip rattle thing is really annoying, and I'm super-glad that this pen eliminates that problem. It makes the refill a little difficult to change, but you'll rarely have to do that.

It's around the same size (in length) as the Parker Jotter and the Zebra 701. It's not as thick as the 701, but I think it's plenty big to use for short notes. 

Okay, so, that's the pen. I'm not a big ballpoint user, but the refill in this one feels very smooth and it performs well. The pen is very well made and there aren't any problems with the fit'n'finish that I can find. Check this little pen out on the Kickstarter page and lend your support to the project if this pen checks all the boxes for you.

Video Review:

***This pen was provided as a review sample, but I'm as sure as I can be that this doesn't sway my reviews.***


Diamine Shimmertastic Shimmering Seas

If you go to this link, you can enter to win a nail polish that is inspired by this ink!

This is another of the Shimmertastic inks from Diamine that Anderson Pens sent out for me, and this one is a dark blue with gold shimmer. A lot of gold shimmer. Probably too much.

My experience with this ink has been really mixed. I like the color just fine, and it behaves really well on copy paper, but it just doesn't flow very reliably. The shimmer seems to clump up in the feed and impede the flow of the ink. If you can break up the glitter-dam it works just fine, but that's more of a hassle than most of us want in our inks. I'm thinking that this one might work best as an ink for dip pens? I don't use any of those, so I can't say for sure, but it wouldn't stop up like a fountain pen can.

 Anyway, this one was a miss for me, but it does make for some pretty pictures. Let me know if you've had successes with this one (and how'd you do that?).

The Written Bit

Color Comparisons

I think Blue Pearl is going to be more my speed, but I've only gotten to use it a couple of times. 

Copy Paper Test

 This is really good performance on copy paper. Too bad the ink runs so dry and inconsistently.
 Plenty of shimmer on copy papers, too.

Maruman Mnemosyne Card

Tomoe River

 No real shading, even on this Tomoe River paper. Plenty of saturation, I suppose. Maybe thinning this ink out would improve the flow?


Water Drop Test and Video Review

I'm not a huge fan of this one, but maybe you will be. You can find it at Anderson Pens where a 50ml bottle is $20 and a 3ml sample is $1.50. Thanks go out to them for letting me try out this ink.

***Review samples were provided free of charge, but I'm as sure as I can be that this doesn't affect my reviews.***