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Franklin-Christoph Sweet Maroon


A new Franklin-Christoph ink! When Audrey told me that the new color was called "Sweet Maroon" I wasn't sure what to think about that. I wasn't sure there was room between the Urushi Red and the Terra Firma and the Red 187. They found a space, though, and it's a cool space.

Sweet Maroon is a beautifully shading ink with dark reddish tones and pinkish highlights, and (if you put down enough of it) a green sheen. This is an ink that can really change its character according to the pen you put it in. Below, you'll see it in a range of medium nibs, but they're very different medium nibs.

The short story is that I really love this ink. I just kept putting it in pens. It's in at least 4 of them right now, and maybe more. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Since my wife works at the company, all of the usual disclaimers apply.*

The Written Review!

Close Ups!


Ink Comparisons

Here's a link to a whole album of other comparisons for Sweet Maroon.

Tomoe River Paper - Ink Journal

Tomoe river paper is pretty good at showing the character of inks that shade and sheen, so it's really good for this ink.

I left in the sample of the Robert Oster Hippo ink because it's pretty cool (and limited to this kickstarter), and I'll have a review coming out for it in a few days.

Pen Habit Currently Inked Journal

Find the current version of these books here.

Staples 20lb Copy Paper

This is a really common sort of paper to find in offices and schools, and the Sweet Maroon performs very well on it. The only real bleeding/feathering/and spreading issues came from the massively wet OMAS nib. Even there, though, it does better than a lot of other inks. It's pretty impressive.

Col-o-Ring Paper

These new Col-o-ring books are pretty great. Check them out.

Water Test and Review Video

This isn't the most water-resistant ink, but it does leave behind a readable remnant in a sort of pink hue once you soak up the water.

**Disclaimers: My wife works for FC, but I'm not paid or employed by them. This isn't advertising, it's a review. Not even an officially solicited review. Just a review of an ink that I happen to like.**

Giveaway winner has been drawn!

Thanks so much for entering my give away. With about 500 entries, I think it was a really successful giveaway, and I'm excited to plan my next one.

Congratulations to:

Maria M. of Florida!

Aurora Blue Black Ink ** And A Give-Away! **


This is the new ink from Aurora's line, and I'm glad to bring it to you so close after its release. It's been out for 2 or 3 weeks, I think, and I've used it in a variety of pens.

It's a little bit of a mixed bag. I really like the color of this ink. It's a great blue black. Just the right balance of blue and black, if you ask me. It also works really well on copy paper. No feathering or spreading, and just a few dots showing through. Excellent performance on this kind of paper from some really wet nibs.

On the other hand, it's a little bit too dry for me. I'm pretty sure that I have some pens which could benefit from a dry ink, but it doesn't really like my Pelikan m800, and that's a pretty wet pen. It works about as well in my Sailor HB nib as in that Pelikan's fine nib. The Pelikan actually feels a little rough with this ink. Kind of like a pencil. It's consistent, but I prefer a wetter ink with a smoother nib-feel (if you know what I mean).

Like I said, it's a mixed bag. I can't give it a whole-hearted endorsement, but it's got some great qualities. Check out the images below, and let me know what you think.

Oh! I've got a bottle of this ink to give away, courtesy of  Kenro Industries. Scroll all the way to the end to enter to win! (USA shipping only. Sorry, but I'm sure you understand.)

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

This is really good performance on the copy paper. This ink is in some really wet nibs, and it's not going crazy in any of them.

Tomoe River Paper

You can see some of the sheen in the photo above, as I took it at a slightly different angle to the others.

Currently Inked Journal (Wheat straw paper)

Col-o-Ring Book

This is the new Col-o-Ring ink testing books made and sold by Well-appointed Desk. You can see my review of these cards here.

Color Comparisons
 These are the ones that I had inked up. There are lots more of them at the end of the post. You can also look through lots of blue/black inks using the AndersonPens Ink Tool.


Water Test and Video Review

The turquoise and the red splotches here came from the other side of the paper towel I used to blot away the water. I'm a professional. That's what that is. Professionalism.

Extra Color Comparisons!

The Give Away! 

The Give-Away!
To get yourself a free bottle of this ink, mailed anywhere in the USA (no international shipping), use the Rafflecopter above to enter. The give-away will run until 12am on April 2nd, and I'll contact the winner. They'll have 24 hours to send me their contact info, or I'll have to pick another winner.