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Franklin-Christoph Ink '17 - Philly Pen Show Limited Edition


It's January, and that means it's time for the first pen show of the year! Hooray!

The Philly Pen Show starts today, and that means a special ink (and some other things) from Franklin-Christoph. Hooray for special things! In orange, even! 

This is Franklin-Christoph's first orange ink, and it's a fairly dark, serious kind of orange. Sort of a Fall Leaves kind of orange. Check it out below, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Full Disclosure: My wife works for Franklin-Christoph, but I don't. They gave me this ink for review, but, of course, they know I'm just going to give my honest appraisal and show you what it's like. That's how I roll. None of these pictures has been altered in any way.

Written Review

Close Ups!

Yeah.  I was writing faster than I should have, and I didn't write all the words I meant to. Then I went to correct that and put my hand all in the still-wet ink. It dries reasonably quickly on Rhodia, but it wasn't dry when I put my hand in it. Good times.

Other Papers:

This is the ink (and Sheaffer Skrip Red) on Tomoe River paper in an Ink Journal. It looks reall nice on this paper, and you can really see the difference between the Wah-Eversharp's very-wet, semi-flex nib and the much more moderate nib in the TWSBI.

Above, Below, and More-Below: This is in a Pen Habit Currently Inked journal.

Copy Paper Tests:

You get some fairly pronounced bleed and some very mild feathering on this office-quality paper. It's expected with the really wet nib, but you still get some from the TWSBI. It's not terrible, but it's there.


Color Comparisons

Water Test and Video Review


So, yeah, not much water-resistance. Come to think of it, though, I don't think I now of any water proof oranges. Do you?

Just for fun:

Pen Show Dates!

Hey folks,

My buddy Cary has posted all of the pen shows for this year with their dates and links to the various sites. It's a really cool list. Click the image below to go to there.

I'll probably be at a few of these. I'm planning to go to Philly this weekend, so find me and say "Hi!" if you see me. I'll probably be in plaid. Or a thick coat. I dunno. It's cold right now. OR A PLAID COAT. I totally have one of those...

I'll probably also be at Atlanta and DC, and certainly at Raleigh. Maybe others. I dunno yet.

Montblanc Miles Davis Jazz Blue Limited Edition


Hey folks! Happy New Year!

How about we start off the new year with a limited edition Montblanc ink? I hope you said "Yes!" because that's what we're doing. This is the second-newest LE ink from Montblanc: Miles Davis Jazz Blue. According to the Montblanc site, the ink is inspired by Davis' album "Blue." Maybe they meant "Kind of Blue"? That's a pretty sweet album. If there's one called "Blue", then I don't know it.

Anyway, Jazz Blue is a really pale blue. It's performance is kind of okay. The flow is wet enough, but it's also really thin. As if it were diluted too much or something. It also bleeds, feathers, and spreads on copy paper. 

In short, this isn't an ink that I'd buy again. At $19 for 30ml it's just not good enough. The blue is too pale, the performance isn't great, and it's not the kind of blue that I'd identify with great jazz.

Written Review


The Bottle Shots

Copy Paper Test

 This isn't great for Montblanc ink. Most of the others that I've tried have behaved themselves just fine on copy paper, but this one bleeds, feathers, and spreads. Another strike against this ink.

Other Papers
The below is from a Pen Habit Currently Inked journal. It doesn't bleed or anything, but it just doesn't work well. It's really light and watery. The three squiggles in the Panther sample were done at various times during the last month. It seems to get darker as time goes on, and that's just evaporation, I think. When I refilled it the ink went right back to the way it started out.

The next two are from a Tomoe River Ink Journal. That paper really brings out the life in some inks, but this one isn't in that category. 

Color Comparisons

Just Foolin' Around

In short, this isn't an ink that I'd buy again. At $19 for 30ml it's just not good enough. The blue is too pale, the performance isn't great, and it's not the kind of blue that I'd identify with great jazz.Weak sauce, Montblanc.

If you see something you like here, then act quickly to get your hands on a bottle. It's not my favorite, but there's a chance it'll go fast. Their LE inks always seem to go fast. I bought mine at Anderson Pens, and you can too.

Water Resistance and Video Review

There's a bit of a blooper at the end of the video. I may have have had an "oops, there's ink on my hands!" moment.

In short, this isn't an ink that I'd buy again. At $19 for 30ml it's just not good enough. The blue is too pale, the performance isn't great, and it's not the kind of blue that I'd identify with great jazz.

Diamine Golden Sands -- Nibs & Nails!


 It's been a little while since the last Nibs & Nails post, so thanks for being patient. As with the other inks in this series, the sample was provided for review by Anderson Pens, and the nail polish inspired by this ink is posted over at Right On The Nail. Go check them out!

This is a really golden ink. Perhaps the most golden ink you can find that works in fountain pens. You can get some really metallic inks that work with dip pens, but this is the closest I've seen for fountain pens. Even better, this ink seems to behave itself much better than some of the others in the series. I've had some of these bind up a bit in medium-length writing sessions because the shimmer seems to clog up a little bit sometimes. The Golden Sands, though, they keep flowing. It also seems that the shimmer mixes into the ink more readily than some of the others. It looks really cool in the sample vial. Sometimes I just tilt it back and forth to watch the swirl. It's neat-o.

Check out the review below. Get a sample of the ink for yourself. Go visit Audrey's blog to see the nail polish. Check out my YouTube Channel. Go out to the Patreon page if you want to help support the efforts at the blog and YouTube channel.

Let me know what you think of this one in the comments.

Oh! I put the color comparisons at the end of the post again. There are quite a few, so keep scrolling to find them. 

Written Review


I think it's a pretty rad ink. It did look very different in each of the pens I was using it in, though. The Unica puts down about as much ink as the L-Tech, but it's a smaller nib, so I think it puts it all in a smaller space. That makes it look darker. That's just a guess, but the other option that comes to mind is that there was ink left in the Unica that mixed with the gold of the Golden Sands. It's possible, but I don't think that's what's going on. I clean these pens really thoroughly before I use them again. Some ink could have hidden in the feed, but the ultrasonic cleaner does a really good job at making sure that doesn't happen. Thus, my guess about the difference in nibs.

Look at that shimmer!

Video Review and Water Test

Yeah. No water resistance at all. None. Don't address an envelope with this one.

Color Comparisons!