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The 22pen: A Multipen for your Notebook


The 22pen is a unique thing. It's a multipen that is meant to live inside of your favorite notebook. Let's take a look at the prototype that Mario sent me for review. 

It feels really small in the hand, but the 22pen is about the same length (4.5") as other pocket pens. You'll see it above with a Lamy Pico and a Schon DSGN pen. Both of those are more substantial in the hand. Unlike those two, the 22pen is flat, and it isn't capped. Mario tells me that he's working on a solution for those of us who like to carry pens in our pockets, but I'm not sure what form that will take.

The 22pen uses a pair of D1 refills, and those come in a variety of tip sizes and ink colors from many different makers. My favorites come from Uniball's Jetstream and Monteverde.

This two refill system is pretty great. I love a multipen, but you have to do some twiggling to get a standard multi pen to switch refills. The 22pen just sort of flips over in your grip. It's quick, easy, and intuitive. Very useful when you're taking quick notes and notes about those notes. I do that sort of thing all the time, and this has been a neat pen in a couple of meetings where I needed to work quickly and use multiple colors.

The little color bands at the bottom of the refill do tend to wear off, but that's a really minor issue, I think.

You'll also notice that the clip of the 22pen is quite small. That clip is plenty strong to hold on to your paper, your notebook cover, or your pocket (if you're a little brave). It's attached with spring tension, so you can remove it and tighten it if you need to. I did, and it wasn't difficult at all.

As you can see below, it's just a little short in my hand. Keep in mind that I have large hands, but Mario assures me that he's going to work up a long version to compensate for those of us with big ol' mitts. I can write with this pen fairly comfortably, but a little extra length would keep it from slipping while I write.

So, this is the intended use of the pen. It's meant to go inside your pocket- or passport-sized notebooks so you can keep them in your pocket with a convenient pen for notes or drawing.

Alright: Time for some stats:

So, I was dubious about this pen when I first saw it online. It's a bit weird. It's small. And it's a little expensive. Once I got it in my hands, though, it turns out to be a really good idea that just needs a couple of tweaks to be a really useful tool.

Check out the video:

**This pen was provided as a prototype for review. There might be changes before the Kickstarter is over, but that's the nature of prototypes. Free testers don't sway my reviews. I'm as honest as possible in these things.**

Blank Slate Paper!


Blank Slate Paper Co is one of my very favorite new projects to hit the web. David and his wife designed a web tool to build almost any design you'd like, they print it and bind it into pads of great paper, and ship your custom pads of paper to your house.

It's pretty awesome, and it's getting better. Check out the video, and then go play with their design tool yourself!

**I bought the pads shown here, at a discount, during their beta run of the site. No promises or considerations were given beyond a chance to get this paper into my hands early and I reviewed it because it's great.**

Pilot's Custom 823 review!


Pen Chalet sent this pen out for review, and it's a great pen! Thanks, Pen Chalet!

Find yours here.

(If you buy stuff through the links on this page, Pen Chalet will know you came through my blog, and I'll get a little credit for it. Sort of like an affiliate link?)

Taccia's Ebi (Purple-Red) (Shrimp)


Check out this interesting ink from a brand that has just started selling ink. The ink is labeled Nakabayashi, but I don't think they actually make it. I don't know who does, but I like this ink. Check it out below (alongside all sorts of other inks).

Written Review!

Close Ups!

The shading on this ink is pretty great. It's there, but the ink is saturated enough to be readable and unsaturated enough to be interesting. 

And the price is very nice. At a time when Sailor is shrinking their bottles to 20ml and raising their prices to $15, this is a good deal. 

Copy Paper Test

There's some bleed on this paper, but it performs so well elsewhere that I can totally overlook it.

Inky Fingers (Wheat Paper)

InkJournal Tomoe River

Video Review

Water Test

Cool lookin' smear left over when you put water on this ink, eh? It turns purple, but it's totally readable. I think this might make for some really near art-uses as well. 

 Annnnd that's really neat.

Color Comparisons

Pen Chalet sent this ink out for review, and I do my best to keep that sort of thing from lending bias to my reviews. No money changed hands, and not assurances were given aside from my honest review.

Monteverde Moonstone


Written Review


20lb Staples Copy Paper

Inky Fingers Currently Inked (Wheat Straw Paper)

Tomoe River Inkjournal

Video Review


Water Test Results

Color Comparisons

Monteverde Erinite


Monteverde is one of those ink companies that seems to fly under the radar. I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps it's because the inks are widely available and not all that expensive? Scarcity and a steep price seem to get the attention these days. Anyway, they're generally really good inks.

Contrary to form, one is only okay, and it's not really my cup of tea. It's a nice enough match for the gemstone that it's supposed to emulate, but that gem is fairly light and so the ink ends up being too pale for me. I think that if it were about 1/3 more saturated I'd really like it.

Check it out below and look for it at any of the Monteverde vendors you shop with. It's available in 30ml and 90ml bottles as well as samples. I'd go with a sample on this one but, at $8 for the smaller bottle, it's cheap enough to try out for fun.

Written Review:


Staples 20lb Copy Paper:

Tomoe River Ink Journal:

Inky Fingers Currently Inked:

Water Drop Test:


Video Review:

Color Comparisons:

**I picked this ink up at the Pay It Forward table at a pen show. I'll be returning it to the PIF project for someone else to pick up and enjoy.**