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KWZ Warsaw Dreaming


Written Review

Thanks go to Dromgoole's for providing this ink for review. I'd probably have overlooked it if y'all hadn't said I should check it out.

Pens Used

The VP at the top wasn't the ideal pen for this ink. It gave me some hard-starts and hesitation, but once the ink started flowing it was just fine. Probably because the ink is a bit thicker than average and the VP's design makes it  The JoWo nib on the MCM pen at the bottom was great with this ink, though. 

The Bottle

60ml and $15 at Dromgoole's. 

Close Ups

See? It's a dark blue. I didn't know that until I was writing this review. It's so dark it's basically black. I think you'd probably need a folded nib or something to see the blue. 

Staples Copy Paper

Some spread on the terrible paper, and a little bit of bleed through. Not a lot, but the paper isn't good. 

Ink Journal: Tomoe River

This paper is good, and the ink is great here. 

Inky Fingers: Wheat Straw Paper

This paper is also good. 

Water Test

A little bit of a mess, but it's still sorta readable.

Video Review

Color Comparisons

**This ink was given to me by Dromgoole's for review. That doesn't change my review in any way that I'm aware of. What you see is what I got. Your mileage may very. Etc. **