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Parker Quink Black

Hi Folks. Today's ink isn't in the Noodler's Texas line (though I have more of those). I want to take a little break to show a pair of black inks. Parker's Quink is today's ink, and Noodler's Texas Black Bat is tomorrow's ink.

So, Quink is billed as the first fast-drying fountain pen ink. That's the "Q" in the name. I did notice that it dried quickly, and it's better behaved than other fast-dry inks that I could name.

I used this ink in a reliably medium-flow pen, and I'm just now thinking that I should have put it in my Parker 51, which has a much wetter flow. I don't think I have enough left to do that right now, though. Anyway, this ink was a little on the dry-side, and it came off as more of a dark grey than a black. As you can see in the smear above, it is black if you get enough of it on the page.

Here's the Quink compared to a few other blacks. It's a bit grey. That's really the only problem with this ink. It's not striking or exciting. I want a black ink to really pop on the page, and Quink doesn't do that. It is a perfectly competent ink, but it's not going to be the ink that blows your doors off.

Find it at Anderson Pens.

So, how does it do when it's exposed to water? I'm glad you asked! Scraggles the Dog also makes a brief appearance in the video

Water Test Video:

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