Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

About the Blog

Hi Folks,
I'm Mike, and I write about fountain pens, ink, and other such things. I'm a philosophy teacher by day, so I write a lot. I'm constantly writing notes on what I read, notes for my my lectures, and notes for new classes. This gives me both the excuse to use lots of different inks, and the capacity to use up a lot of ink. Despite this, I hardly ever get to the bottom of a bottle of ink. I'm a little addicted to trying different inks.

I started this blog at the end of the school year in 2012, and I've been reviewing inks and pens ever since.

All of the opinions here are mine. I will accept things given to me for review if I feel that they're a good fit for the blog, but all of the reviews are mine. I tell it like it is.

The caveat is that everyone's experience of an ink (or a pen) (or a paper) is going to be a bit different. It will depend on what pen you're using, your nib, your paper, and probably even your style of writing. The color might vary depending on your monitor settings or on my camera settings. I try to capture the color and character of each ink, but I can't guarantee your results. That's the nature of the beast.
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