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A Pair of Fortunas!


Check out the new flex nibs from Franklin-Christoph! BONUS: A SIG grind on a flex nib?

A series of video tutorials:

Hi folks,

I've been gathering requests for a while regarding a series of short, simple tutorials on how to do various things with pens. Changing cartridges and refills, filling a fountain pen, cleaning things. You know. Things that we all need to do, and that folks who are new to the hobby might not be certain about.

I'll link the videos below. Please feel free to leave suggestions about future videos in the comments or you can send them to me via email. These are fun to make, so no request is too small!


KWZ Chicago Blue (2017 Chicago Pen Show Exclusive)


This is an exclusive ink that I picked up in Chicago, and it's probably pretty hard to find right now. It may show up from some vendors who picked up extras after the end of the Chicago Show, or it might be on the secondary market. Anyway, that's where I'd look if I were looking for some.

This is a really interesting shade of blue. Deep, rich, and thick. It's not all that much like anything I had swatched (as you'll see below), so I may go to the trouble to dilute it a little. The closest thing I could find was the J. Herbin Bleu Ocean. Pretty cool to find such a unique blue!

Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

Tomoe River

Currently Inked Journal (Wheat straw paper)


Color Comparisons!

Water Test and Video Review

Bonus Pics!

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Papier Plume Pecan

Papier Plume Pecan
Ink sample provided for review by Anderson Pens. Thanks, Anderson Pens!

I'm really into brown inks, and there are more of them now than ever. I hope the color is catching on, as there is so much room in the color-space for lots of different browns. In looking through my other inks for similar colors, I didn't really find anything that was very close to this one.

If you know pecans, you'll see lots of the hues that you find in a pecan shell.

Image from:
As a native Texan, this ink reminds me of the pecans that we used to get from the trees in our back yard. Well done, Papier Plume!

Written Review

Papier Plume Pecan


Papier Plume Pecan

Papier Plume Pecan

Papier Plume Pecan

Copy Paper Test

Papier Plume Pecan
There are a few little spots of bleed through, but nothing serious. Man. This ink looks good in a close-up.
Papier Plume Pecan

Pen Habit Currently Inked Notebook 
(Wheat Straw Paper)

Papier Plume Pecan

Ink Journal - Tomoe River Paper

Papier Plume Pecan

Color Comparisons

Papier Plume Pecan


Papier Plume Pecan

Water Test and Review Video

Papier Plume Pecan

Papier Plume Pecan

Should you get this ink? If you're a fan of brown inks, then you totally should. It's an awesome shade with good flow and good performance. You can find it in bottles and samples at Anderson Pens and in bottles directly from Papier Plume.

Bonus Shot!
 It looked nice, so I included it.

Papier Plume Pecan

The Raleigh Pen Show Haul!


Check it out in this video!

Franklin-Christoph's Black Forest *New*

Thanks go to Franklin-Christoph for providing the ink for review.

Been lookin' for a new lush, dark green ink to try out? Welcome to the Black Forest!  This is Franklin-Christoph's newest ink, launching for the Triangle Pen Show, and available soon on the Franklin-Christoph website. For now, it's only available in 1oz bottles (for $8.25).

 I've only had this ink for about a day, and it's already been a hit with some of my non-fountain pen friends at trivia night. Scroll through to check out this new ink and to see which rare ink it's close to.

Also! Check out the video at the bottom of the post for a quick look at the ink.

Lots of people have wanted to get ahold of the ink on the left (below). It was only available at (or around) the Philly Pen Show in 2016, and so lots of people missed it. Black forest isn't an exact match, but it's fairly close.  I think it's a bit better than Franklin Green, as the Black Forest is darker and more vivid in its green-ness. You'll see them compared below.

 The cards below are both from a Col-o-ring Book.

Wheat Paper

Tomoe River

 Yes, that's a little sheen that you're seeing here. I haven't seen it on regular papers, but Tomoe River is really good at bringing these things out.

Copy Paper Test

On Rhodia!

A quick video look:

**This ink was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The ink was free, and my wife works at FC, but the views, opinions, and pictures expressed above are all mine.**