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Sailor Jentle Peche

This ink was provided to me, free of charge) by JetPens for review purposes.
There's just a little bit of sheen at the top right of this picture. 
There are only two of the Sailor Jentle inks that I hadn't tried (and reviewed). One is Epinard (which I just got, and will write up soon) and the other is Peche. Both of these inks are on the "cancelled" list from Sailor, so if you like what you see, you need to get on the stick and pick up a bottle or two of your favorites. At the time I'm writing this, JetPens only has 5 bottles of Peche.

Like the other Sailor Jentle inks, this one behaves really well on a variety of papers. Unlike them, this one isn't very saturated at all. It's a really pale pink that reminds me more of the peonies that I had this year than of peaches. The only other light Jentle ink is Apricot (reviewed here), and that one is certainly dark enough once you start writing with it. This one might not be.

The paper that I used for this review is from Staples, and it's a wheat-paper of some sort. It's almost as good as sugarcane papers, but it does tend to be more absorbent. I printed the dots using a pdf that I made based on a link I found on Reddit.

As you'll see below, the ink is a really pale one. I wrote most of this review with a dipped Pilot Plumix. I usually avoid using dip pens because they tend to put down way too much ink, and they're not (usually) an accurate representation of saturation and such. This time, though, it's pretty much the same. Peche is pale from a dip-pen and pale from a fountain pen.

The darkest parts of this review are written with a Conklin Crescent that had been sitting for a while. That pen tends to let the ink dry in the feed more than some other pens, and it made some of this ink a really neat brown-ish color. That darkness wore off eventually, and the ink lightened up again. It's worth noting that the pen started up just fine even after sitting for a long while.

Here's a close-up of the ink comparison. You'll see some of the new Sailor inks in there. Those reviews are coming soon.

So, if you're looking for a really well-behaved ink that happens to be a pale pink check out Sailor Jentle Peche. You can get it in 50ml bottles at JetPens for $16.50.

Water Test Video:

Here's the spoiler pic:

Not a lot of water resistance, but I didn't expect much.

This ink was given to me free of charge for review purposes by The review reflects only my impressions of the product.

Sale at Anderson Pens

Hey folks, I just saw that there's a sale over at Anderson Pesn. It's only for the rest of the weekend, so go over and see if there's anything you like.

Happy Birthday, Brian!

An eBay purchase.

Hey folks,
I'm still away from home, but I took this picture before I left and I forgot to share it with you. Audrey got a Monteverde Impressa from the Andersons at the Raleigh Pen Show, and then I saw this replica of it on Pen Habit. I decided to grab one from eBay. Not a bad pen for ~$6. I haven't had a chance to ink it up yet, but it feels pretty solid. It doesn't post, though, which is odd.

Wisconsin Vacation

Hi folks, 
We've been on vacation in Wisconsin (visiting some family), and a good time has been had by all. I'll have lots of things to review next week, and some really fun things coming up in the near future. 

Yesterday, we got to hang out with Brian and Lisa Anderson (and their friend/apprentice Dave) at their store in Appleton. It's always nice to see them, and their store is fantastic. It makes me really happy when great folks do well!

We brought the whole family out to the store, and almost everyone got something. Cousin Parker got a sweet Sheaffer Ferrari pen, Little Cousin Brianna got one of the fountain pens from Lisa's PCA pens-for-kids program, Aunt Peggy and Cousin Amy came away with a pair of Monteverde Artistas in ballpoint and rollerball. I forgot to take pictures of everyone with their new pens, but I hope to have them soon. Audrey got some ink samples and one of the Lamy Safaris in the extra-bright coral color, and I ended up with a really sweet NOS Sheaffer Triumph and bottles of Sailor's Jentle Grenade, Epinard, and Apricot. (If you like those inks, then get yourself over to and snag them. They've got lots for now, but I'm sure it's going quick!

We're on our way to OH now, but we found some cheese and a Cheesehead at the Mars Cheese Castle. We'd looked all over for one of these, and they're much more difficult to find than one would think. 

This is a sleepy dog:

And this is another:

We've also got a stuffed dog as our trip-mascot. Her name is Rootbeer, and she's psyched to lead the way.

All for now!

Private Reserve DC Supershow Green


The last ink I reviewed was a green, so let's look at another. Private Reserve's DC Supershow Green is a bright, fresh green that looks great on good paper. It's shown here in a stub nib as well as a pretty wet fine nib, and the differences are pretty big. It's a much darker green from the small, wet nib of my Laban, and the stub shows the propensity of this ink to shade. 

The generally wet flow from Supershow Green means that it's going to have a few problems if you use it on low-quality papers. It's prone to bleeding, feathering, and spread on them. On papers that are fountain-pen-friendly, though, you're going to get great performance (if slightly long dry-times). 

Water Test Video Review

New inks from Sailor! (Added new pictures in better light.)

Hello folks,

There's been some buzz about inks coming and going from Sailor. It seems that they're canceling most of the Jentle line of inks (aside from Black, Blue, and Blue Black).

My good friends, Brian and Lisa Anderson, sent me samples of all 8 new colors. I hadn't seen them before on the interwebs, so here are a bunch of swatches of these samples. I haven't got them in pens yet, but I'm really looking forward to it.

I usually take my pictures in natural sunlight, but it's really overcast today, so these are taken inside.

Doyou is actually a really dark brown, though it looks mostly black in this picture. Miruai is a dark green.  

Oku-Yama looks a lot like Jentle Grenade, but it's a little brighter. It still has the same sheen, though. 

Souten is really bright. I really like the look of that. 

Find these inks at Anderson Pens.

Find the Maruman Mnemosyne Word Book that I used for these samples at JetPens.

(These samples were sent free-of-charge for my review purposes, and my opinions are my own.)

I wasn't happy with the slightly yellow tinge to the pictures above, so I took some outside today with a lightbox to cut out the glare. Here ya go.

Uniball Jetstream 1.0 (Capped)

I'm not a huge ballpoint fan, but there are a few that I actually like. This is one of them. I've seen the Jetstream catch some flack for being a skippy writer and there are people out there who will say that there aren't any good 1mm ballpoints. They tend to skip because the ball has to be so big. The clicky version of this pen has this problem, but the capped version doesn't seem to do that. It's smooth and consistent. 

 I left off the cost of this pen because it's kinda hard to find, and I'm not sure where you can get them. I found mine at a local pen shop that sells singles. If you find some in your local stores, get a couple. They're not bad at all (for a ballpoint).

 The grip area of this pen just a little rubbery and it feels good. The width is perfect for me, and a little wider than other ballpoints.
 It posts really well, and the rubber texture of the barrel keeps it secure.

 It's got some interesting internals. it's got a sort of silvery sheath that goes over the refill, and that's what you see through the window  in the middle of the pen. I'm not sure why they bothered with this, but the longer-than-normal refill (it's not the same as the clicky version of this pen) fits in it and keeps the refill steady in the barrel. I really hate it when a ballpoint jiggles in the pen as I write, and I guess this odd arrangement keeps that from happening.
This collar is the same one that  you find on the other Jetstreams. I kinda think it restricts the ink flow, but I don't really know for sure.

And here it is with the clicky version. This brown-black version is also good and smooth. These clicky ones are more common than the capped version, but this is one of the BLX series, and I think it's a little better than average.