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Tekker Ink #0039a6 "SMU Blue"


So, this is a new company called "Tekker Ink" that creates custom inks for you from hex codes or a color-picker on their site. The most difficult parts of the process are picking the color and waiting for it to arrive. I found some sites that will let you upload a picture and pull a hex code for whatever shade you like. I found this particular hex on the SMU website under public affairs (actually, I used student affairs' website for this code). Most universities do this in the name of branding, so you should be able to find your school's colors if you're interested. 

It takes about two weeks or so to come in the mail, it seems, and there's very little communication from the company while you wait. I think that will get better when they get some more experience or expand a bit, though. Either way, the ink is good.

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Close Ups!

 Not the simplest blue mix, right?

Color Comparisons!
 The color isn't fancy, but it is a really nice blue that behaves itself really well.

Water Test and Review Video!

Before and after!

I really like this ink and the idea behind the company. I think it could really shake things up. At $14.95 for 100ml of ink, this is a pretty good deal. Definitely check it out. Play with some colors. Get the exact color you're looking for.

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