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The Pocket Pen Roundup!




One of the things that my Live Stream (Fridays at 5pm Eastern Time) audience have been asking for is a video that talks about pocket pens. So: Ta-Da! I did that. 


Pocket pens are something that I really like, even though I generally go for larger pens. These are the little pens that live in your pocket or your purse. They are generally small. Mostly they're the pens that you will certainly want to post in order to use comfortably. Aside from that, though, they can vary wildly. Styles, sizes, shapes, nibs, all of that will vary wildly.

One of my early pens was the Kaweco Sport. At about $20, it was an easy pen to fit into my early budget and it had lots of nibs that I could buy all by themselves and easily switch out merely by changing the sections. It's a pen that I carried forever, but not one that I ever felt like I needed to collect different versions of. In fact, until recently I only ever had my original, scuffed, stained, transparent Sport. 

And that's how my pocket pen journey began.Watch that video for a look at where pocket pens have been and where they're going. I've grabbed all of the pocket pens I could find around the house as well as some pens that aren't really pocket pens unless you've got really big pockets.