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Franklin-Christoph Honeycomb

I hope the list puts you at the top quickly.

Ink was provided for review by Franklin-Christoph.

It's time for another Franklin-Christoph ink! This one was introduced at the Ohio Pen Show back in November, and I found out about it a little bit after that. In the interest of full disclosure, my wife Audrey works at F-C. I try not to let that affect my reviews, so what you see is what you get.

So, how's this ink? It's pretty darn cool. I like brown inks a lot, and that's especially true if the brown is a little odd. As you'll see below, I used this in two very different nibs, and I got some very different results. The Franklin-Christoph Flex nib (this one is a "fine") is a wet nib, and so you get a darker caramel color on the page. The Aurora Ipsilon (here and here) has a comparatively dry nib, and so you get more of the light honey color on the page. You've got options with this one.

If you're looking for comparisons to this ink, then you'll have to scroll down to the end. That's where I'm keeping them these days. Also, there are a lot of them. Like I said, I like brown inks.

Written Review


Copy Paper

You get some bleeding from the flex nib on this paper, but tht's to be expected when you use a wet nib on a thoroughly average paper. 

Pen Habit's Inky Fingers Notebook

Tomoe River InkJournal


Water Test and Video Review

Yeah, not a lot of water resistance, but you can still make out the words and lines. So...could be worse!

Color Comparisons

Oddball Pictures...
Sometimes I just take off-kilter pictures. Here are a few of those. 

Kyo-Iro Flaming Red of Fushimi


Red inks are some of my favorites. It's a really good color for lists, notes, grading, letter writing, and signing holiday cards. The thing about being a fan of red inks is that there are SO MANY red inks, and they cover a surprisingly wide spectrum. This one seems to me to be a real middle-red. I don't have any problems with this ink. It's got good flow, but it's not out-of-control. It works perfectly well on copy papers, though there's a little bit of bleed when you use it in a broad stub (not that this is a surprise). It doesn't really shade or sheen, so it doesn't need any special paper to look good and it doesn't require any special care or cleaning. It's a perfectly nice ink.

This sample was provided for review by Anderson Pens, and you an find it on their site here.

I don't think it's going to make it into my regular red rotation, though. It just doesn't have the umph that I see in Sailor's Irori or Sheaffer's Skrip Red. I know those are too pink or too dark for some folks, so this might be right up their alley!

Written Review

I've just gotten a new light box, and these are the first review photos done in it. The pic above looks a little blue to me, but I got it figured out for the rest of the pictures.

Also! You'll notice that there aren't any color comparisons on that sheet. Scroll all the way down to find a bunch of color comparisons. Col-o-Ring cards are great, (and make good gifts to that ink-lover in your life).


These next couple are taken while the ink swab was wet. Pretty, right?

Copy Paper Test


Water Test and Video Review

Watch the video above to see even more color comparisons and a few more papers!

Okay: Color Comparison time!

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**This ink sample was provided for review by Anderson Pens. Free ink doesn't sway my reviews, and what you see is what I got.**

"Where've you been, Mike?!"

I just realized that it's been a few weeks since I posted to this part of the blog. If you're a person who only experiences Inkdependence in this medium, then it probably seems that I've just dropped off of the radar. For that, I apologize. I haven't quit pens and ink, or anything. I'm still here!

So, where've I been? Well, I've been on YouTube, mostly. The last couple of weeks have been full of unboxing videos and quick-looks at some things that I've bought, or been sent, for review. I'll link them into this post just in case you don't subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Also! I do a live hang-out on Fridays at 4pm Eastern Time.

My posting schedule will be a little bit erratic right now. It's the end of the semester, and this college lecturer has a bunch of stuff that has to be done now. I haven't even gotten my Christmas lights up yet! Sheesh.

See ya soon!

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