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Black Toad

Audrey and I went down to Charlotte, NC and we visited the Trader Joe's there.  They've got a really interesting beer selection, and I picked up a few things that I'd never tried (or seen) before.

My first was Frugal Joe's Ordinary Beer.  It's pretty much as advertised.  It's cheap and it's ordinary.  Actually, I might also call it "inoffensive."  Hipsters, take note. If you don't like beer much, but you want to be seen drinking a beer, this might be the beer for you.  It's super light.  Just a few shades more yellow than tap water.  Very little head, and it doesn't leave any rings on the glass.

Next up is Black Toad Dark Ale.  I poured this one straight into the glass, and it didn't have much head at all. It smells like toast.  No joke.  It's got a pretty nice flavor.  It's nutty and toasty.  It tastes more like a porter than a dark ale.  The after taste is just a little hoppy, and it sticks around for a while on your tongue.

I like it. It's not going to beat out the Shiner Black Lager, but it's nice enough and it's cheap.