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Sailor Jentle Blue Black (cartridges)


 This is an ink that I've been meaning to review for a while. I love Sailor inks, and this one isn't any different. It's a real blue-black that doesn't trend purple or green or whatever. It's a blue black.

It's also a solid performer on copy papers, and  the flow is really nice. I've been using it in two of my Sailor pens for a couple of months, and it's never failed to start up. No hard starts. No problems. that's especially good in a cartridge because they tend to dry out a little bit and they're very difficult to prime up when they do.

Oh, that reminds me, these cartridges are proprietary. That's not great, but this ink comes in bottles so you'll be fine.

Written Review


Color Comparisons

Look at that majestic, sun dappled photography. And that shine off of the Kiwa-Guro. And the Majestic Blue sheen. So much to see!

Copy Paper Test

There are a few spots of bleed in the sample, but they're really not bad considering they're on 20lb paper from a music nib.


Water Test and Review Video

I bought mine from Anderson Pens at $6.25 for a 12 cartridge box, but you can also get it in a bottle or a sample. If you like blue blacks, then this one is a no-brainer. Just get some. You'll like it. It's not the fanciest ink on the block, but it's a totally competent blue black that gets the job done and looks professional without being boring.All the thumbs up.

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