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Wearingeul x Pen Chalet Taming of the Shrew


Written Review

I knew as soon as I saw this ink on social media that this was an ink that I really wanted to try out. Penn Chalet was kind enough to send it out for review. Thanks Pen Chalet! This was the first Wearingeul ink I'd tried, and it is a bit of a weird one. Maybe not the best place to start with the brand, honestly. 

Taming of the Shrew is a light yellowish-green with rose gold shimmer. The shimmer is nice and fine, and I didn't experience any clogging with this ink. In fact, that shimmer is the star of the show. The green goes down on the page almost invisibly, but it darkens over time to a comparatively readable color that is really set-off by the shimmer. 

At the end of the day, I wish this one were darker. I know there are going to be lots of people that are going to love this Pen Chalet Exclusive, but I prefer my inks to be more heavily saturated and more readable



Honestly, I think this one is better in real life than it is in photos. The shine off of the shimmer make the text a bit hard to read on these photos. In actuality, it's easier to read with your eyeballs than with a camera.

 There's just about zero water resistance with this ink, so keep your coffee and iced tea far away from your journal. Some of the shimmer will stick around better than the ink does.


Copy Paper Test

This ink is pretty darn good on the copy paper. Very little bleed or feather on this bottom tier paper.

Maruman Croquis Paper

Wheat Straw Paper

 Often, these low-saturation inks are going to look better on more absorbent papers, and that's the case here. It soaks in a bit more and it makes it look darker than it does on the preceding papers.

Tomoe River Paper

 And, weirdly, it looks great on Tomoe River. I didn't expect it to look very good here because it can't soak in, but it proved me wrong.

Color Comparisons

I don't have a lot of inks that were close enough to show off here. It's not a hue that I gravitate to, but it does look a little like a couple of these. No dupes, though.

 Video Review

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