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De Atramentis Moss Green

If you look though the reviews on this blog, you'll find plenty of greens. I'm kind of a big fan. There's lots of room in the green spectrum for different colors, shades, and hues.

This one isn't going to go into the rotation any time soon. It actually looks quite a bit better on this Rhodia paper than it does on anything else. On notebook paper and printer paper it bleeds through the paper while managing to remain too light to read. I guess if you have the right paper it might be an okay ink, but it's definitely the least impressive De Atramentis ink I've tried.

It's also not a water-resistant ink. It runs pretty fast when you drip anything on it. Definitely a little temperamental.

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Woosang said...

Yes i played with a sample bottle I received on rhodia and loved it so bought a bottle. Shame it can't be used on anything else and it is far to light to be read. :-( very disappointed

Mike Matteson said...

Yeah, that's why I make myself use inks on lots of different papers before I write a review. You never know how an ink is going to work out.

At least it looks good on Rhodia!

Dale said...

I was also disappointed in this ink. Looks great in the bottle, not so great on (my) paper.