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Online Rubin Red

Sometimes I go through a stretch where I just want to use red inks. I have lots of reds, but very few of them are plain old reds. I usually see them and think "I should get this red, but it's just a red. Nah."  So I end up with dark reds, blood reds, and red-blacks, and ketchup reds, and all sorts of things.

Well, Online's Rubin red is a bright red. It stands up off of the page with a vibrancy that you can't miss.

It does have a bit of dotting on cheaper papers, but I used it to grade some student papers this last semester, and it was totally usable.

If you can find any of this ink, snap it up. I haven't found an online source for it since the Goulet's stopped carrying it. I only got samples, and I regret it. The three inks that I've tried from them have been really excellent inks. This is my favorite so far. 

I had several reds inked up at the time. I'm actually still using Grenade and Matador right now. I need to write up the reviews for those inks, but I haven't gotten to it quite yet. Soon, though. Soon. 

Here's the water test for this ink. I also show off the pen that I used for the review in this video. It's a Laban PF-900 that my wife surprised me with a few months ago. I had a little problem with the section of that pen, but that's a story for another day.

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Anonymous said...

Great review thanks. I'm a red fan also fascinated with the variety of hues. My currently inked red is Matador as well. Will have to try this one on the list of my must have samples.

Dale said...

Have you tried Diamine Poppy Red? It is my go-to grading ink and behaves pretty well on cheap paper.

umar muzammil said...