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Wahl-Eversharp's Wahlberry


Wahlberry is an ink that is made for the "new" Wahl-Eversharp company, and Syd was giving them out with the new Eversharps at the DC Pen Show. It's a blue ink that really reminds me of blueberries. The picture at the left is a little bit brighter than the ink looks in person. It's slightly more purple to my eye.

Syd says that this ink is specifically designed to work with the new Skyliner nibs.

I had only used this ink in one pen when I started this review, and it was only okay. It was a little hard to start, and I was getting some skipping. Once the ink was flowing, though, it worked really well. As I started writing, I decided that the one pen wasn't a large enough sample. I put it in my wife's Lamy Safari to try it out there, and I'm glad that I did.

 The nib of the Skyliner is a semi-flex nib, and it's actually a fairly fine line if you don't push on it. I think the fine nib on the Lamy is actually putting down a thicker line than the Skyliner.

It works pretty well in both pens, but the ink seems to behave a little better in the Lamy. Of course, that nib has seen more use than the Eversharp, so it's more broken-in. 

I got this little ink journal at the Raleigh show, and I've tried out a few inks in it since then. 

I think the paper in this journal is a little too weak for fountain pen inks. It tends to bleed and spread even with really well-behaved inks, and you can see the spots and ghosting through the back of the page above. 

So, is this ink waterproof? Check out the video below, and the spoiler image below that. 


Nah, not water-resistant at all. Still, an interesting ink if you can get ahold of it.
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