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Organics Studio Arsenic Gray

**I didn't pay for this ink, but it wasn't exactly provided for review.**

There's a bit of a story behind this ink. Aside from liking grey inks, we've got a family connection to this ink. My wife works as a soil chemist (and microbiologist) at NC State, and her lab focuses on arsenic in soil and water.

When we were at the Raleigh Pen Show, we saw Tyler from Organics Studio, and she told him that he should name one of his inks after Arsenic. Well, that happened.

At the time, Tyler had a little bottle labeled "5" that was the original version of this Arsenic ink. I used it for a while, but I wasn't all that happy with it. It was okay, but it was too pale for me. I like grey, but I need it to be a bit darker than #5.

We saw Tyler again in DC, and he hooked Audrey up with a bottle of the finished product.

I didn't use it right away because I was already using #5. I loaded it into Audrey's new Sheaffer Intensity (a great pen, by the way), and she was using it for a long time before I asked her to bring it home so that I could test the ink from her nib.

Lo and behold, it was pleasantly dark!

I thought this might just be a much wetter nib than the one in my TWSBI 540, so I tried it in my Lamy Vista's medium nib, and it was still way darker. I like Arsenic much more than I liked #5.

Check out this Organics Studio ink. It's a very good grey ink. Not to dark, not to pale. Good flow, no real bleed.

I'll have the video up once YouTube has it ready for me.  

Here's the video portion of the post!

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