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Toucan Sienna


This is only the second of the Toucan inks that Anderson Pens sent out for me to review. The previous one, Crimson, was a fine ink, but it was a little too washed-out for my tastes. These are mixing inks, and they've got to be lightly-saturated to do that very well. This one is much better.

I actually loaded up this Toucan ink first because I thought I wasn't going to like it all that much. It's pretty great, though. It's a light brown that tends to look reddish. The flow and shading are both great. Overall, it's totally worth trying out. It looks interesting and it flows well. What else could one want in an ink?

This pic is from the AndersonPens site. come in a weird-o bag instead of a bottle? Check!

I don't have any of these inks in a full-size, yet, but I'll need to that that eventually. These bags are very cool.

Written Review



The closest thing I had inked up was the Orange at the bottom. It's not that close, though. I really don't think that I have anything in my collection like this.


Interesting Chromatography on this one. Lots of oranges and browns and a little blue and yellow at the fringe. Browns are some really interesting colors.

Copy Paper Test

Just a touch of show-through on this copy paper, but it still shades. Good enough for me.

Water Drop Test and Review Video

Spoiler: This one isn't waterproof. Probably one of the least waterproof inks I've tested. While I wish it were more water-fast, I still really like the ink.

This ink is a good value, and it has really good features. Not everyone is as crazy about brown inks as I am, but if you're in the hunt for a unique brown, then check out Toucan's Sienna. You can (only) find bags and samples over at Anderson Pens. A 60ml bag goes for $10.

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, however.
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Gordon said...

The closest comparison ink I can think of is Diamine Ancient Copper - though I think this is more of an orange-brown than red-brown, if that makes any sense?

I have all the Toucan inks, though my Umber bag leaked... I really like the oranges and browns, the Aqua I think is pretty stellar, and the blues are good if you prefer a turquoise-y hue... But they all run off the page at the very sight of water!