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So, when I reviewed OMAS Blue, I mentioned that I had not been impressed with the last OMAS ink that I'd tried. Well, it turns out that I hadn't actually posted the aforementioned review. HERE IT IS!

OMAS Red is a fine ink. It's just not all that read. It's a sort of pale not-pink. I think it's about as weak as a red ink can be without becoming pink. There's nothing wrong with it, exactly, but it's just not making the statement that I think a red ink should. (I've got a couple of really serious reds in pens right now, and they're much more saturated.)

The flow (which I forgot to actually address on the written review) was a bit anemic. Maybe it would be better in a really wet pen, but even the ink swatch is a very light color, so I'm guessing that it wouldn't change all that much. 

Written Review

Close Ups!


There's a whole lot of pink in this one. 

Copy Paper Test

The ink works really well on all sorts of papers, and the below was written with a dipped pen (because I lost the original sample) so it will be a little heavier than a regularly-inked fountain pen.  Still, though, it didn't bleed through.

Ink Comparisons

There are actually another couple of reds that I added to the list when I was doing the review video. 

Water Drop Test and Video Review

If you'd like to get a bottle of this ink, then check it out here for $15.50 roughly 2oz. It's also available in samples for $1.25, and I'd really recommend a sample for this one. It's not an ink that I'll be going back to, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't check it out. I'm sure it will have fans out there.

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