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Toucan Primrose


I've hardly reviewed any yellow inks (actually, this might be the first), and that's because they're not that great to write with. This is an ink that is going to be a hit with sketchers, but probably not for those of us who just write with our inks. I'm also thinking that it could be a decent highlighter ink, but it's not a fluorescent ink.

Please note, though, that this ink looks differently in different lights. I've white-corrected these images in my camera, so the ink stands out a bit more than average. There's a camera phone photo below that will show the ink in brighter light, and the contrast is far lower.

Written Review:


It's really bright, and it flows really well. I didn't have any problems with this ink while I was using it. At least, I didn't have any problems aside from it being too light/bright to read easily. 

The lighting on this ink really does matter, though. Here's a picture that I took with my camera phone right now. It's brighter in my office right now, and the camera doesn't white-correct nearly as well. It's much more difficult to discern the writing in that photo. Also, there's a streak on there that is a highlighter that I tried out in the video to see if it would be a decent highlighter. I think it could be.

Ink Comparisons

I didn't have any yellow inks to compare it to, but I think you can get an idea of the hue from this picture.


This is one of those monochromatic inks. It doesn't have much hope of being water-resistant, though.

Copy Paper Test

There's no bleed that I can see, here, but it's a pretty light ink, so it would probably be difficult to tell anyway.

Water-Drop Test and Video Review

Toucan Primrose is a very bright ink, and it's not going to be for everyone. It'll work best for those who want to mix inks or do some sketching or highlighting.

You can (only) find bags and samples over at Anderson Pens. A 60ml bag goes for $10. They're out of the full size at press time, but check out a sample, at least.

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, however.
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