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Franklin-Christoph's Tenebris Purpuratum



This is the second of the new Franklin-Christoph inks that I have to review. It's the one that I was least excited about, originally, but it's a darn good ink. The color is a sneaky sort of purple that looks really dark from the nibs that I used it in. They were all medium nibs of one sort or another, but those were the only ones that I managed to free up for some reason. Oh well. It's a pretty solid selection of medium nibs, anyway.

Check out the pictures below and let me know what you think about this one. 

Written Review

I took all of these pictures indoors in a light-tent with full-spectrum bulbs. They look like the true colors on my monitor.


The shading that you'll see on these examples won't show up as well on copy paper, but you can see that below. The Ondoro's nib is the wettest of the three, the Levenger's the smoothest, and the Metro's the driest. That all of them look very similar is a testament to the ink, I think.

I really like the picture below. This ink is just the sort of dark purple that I actually like.

The below is the little sample bottle that I got of this ink. You can't buy those from F-C, I don't think, but maybe it's something they'd do in the future. Really, though this ink is priced well in the full-sized bottles, I think. It's enough ink to last a long time, and the glass bottle is high quality.

Color Comparison

I didn't have any other purple inks in pens right now, so I cant' show it side-by-side with other purples.

Copy Paper Test

There are a couple of places where this ink is feathering and bleeding a little on the copy paper, here. Mainly this is from the Ondoro, and that's to be expected (since it's a wet nib).

I've got another couple of pictures for you on this paper test stuff. The ones below are written on the very middle-of-the-road paper that my university gives out at functions. It's not great, but it's not terrible, either. Rough, but kind of thick. American blue performs a little better, but that's the medium nib on a Kaweco vs the medium nib on the Levenger True Writer Select (I think). No real bleed on this paper either.


Mnemosyne Card

Below is Anderson Pens Wood Violet

Amethyst is the same sort of color, I think. It's way more expensive, though.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

So, not a lot of water resistance on this ink. There's a little bit, but it's a very light blue that's left behind. It's not water resistant as a purple.

Check this ink out at Franklin-Christoph's website or at Anderson Pens. They price and bottle are the same, so take your pick.

***This ink was provided free of charge by Franklin-Christoph for review. The content of the review, is all mine.***

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