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Franklin-Christoph Black Cherry


 It's the last of the new Franklin-Christoph inks, and it's a really good one. Looking like a dark maroon in the right light/nib, but almost like a black in most other nibs or lights, this ink is very cool.

Thanks goes to Franklin-Christoph for allowing me to review these inks for them. (All opinions are mine, however.)
Who doesn't like a dark, not-black ink that flows really well and behaves itself on weak office paper?

Written Review


 As I said above, I really like the color of this ink, so I kept taking pictures of it. These are all taken in indirect sunlight. My favorite source of light.
 Below you'll see some shading in the first couple of pens, but it's almost completely missing in the Panther 40's big, wet nib. I can't for the life of me remember whether this is a broad stub or a broad italic. Stub, I think?

Color comparisons

 Three of the Franklin-Christoph inks represented above, and all excellent inks. The blue and black are just there to round out the set.

Copy Paper Test
 There's a touch of bleed on this paper, but it's fairly inconsistent paper. Good for lazer printing, but not for inks, I think. That's why I use it as an almost worst case paper. I think the ink performed pretty well.

More Color Comparisons!

This is a thing I've been meaning to do more of, so I'll start here. I have been in the process of cataloging my inks on these word cards for a while, and that'll let me do some more focused comparisons in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Video Review and Water Test

This is an ink that I really like. It's interesting, and I don't think that I have anything like it in my collection. It performs well in all of the pens that I've had it in, and it is formal enough to use in most any situation, I'd think. Now that the review is done, I'll have to clean out most of those pens so that I can use other inks, but this is going to be one that stays in the rotation for a long while.

Check it out at Franklin-Christoph's site where it goes for $12.50 in a 2oz bottle.
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