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Akkerman #5 Shocking Blue

Put this on your Christmas list!

A little while ago, I posted a poll on the blog. It asked what ink brands you wanted to see the most, and it was nearly a tie between Akkerman and Bungbox. That's fine with me! I have (I think) a complete set of Akkerman samples from Anderson Pens, and I'm happy to have an excuse to dive into those little vials.

This blue is pretty shocking. (Sorry. Couldn't help it.) On fancy papers (like the Rhodia I used here), you can barely make out the blue color. It's almost completed obliterated by the crazy amount of sheen on top of the ink. It's a purple/red sheen on top of a dark blue ink. You can see a bit of this sheen (just barely) on copy paper, but it really changes character on Rhodia.

Written Review



Color Comparisons

On a Maruman Card

It kinda matches the sky! I'm not sure why it looks so light on this card. It didn't come out light in either of the pens that I used it in. Different papers, you know.

Copy Paper Test

Pretty impressive performance, actually. I thought that this one was going to do more bleeding, but it didn't really do much of that. There's a little bit of bleed from the Panther sample, but that was written with a big, wet nib.


Water Drop Test and Video Review

This ink is fairly expensive, at $29 for a 60ml bottle, but this ink looks expensive and the bottle it comes in is rad.
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In short, this ink rules if you like sheen and you're not going to get it wet. It doesn't play well with water, but very few inks have more sheen than this one. It's pretty rad.

Find this ink at Anderson Pens in 60ml bottles or 3ml samples. You'll have to follow these links to order online, or you can call Anderson Pens to order your ink. You won't find them on the regular site, though.
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Matt Armstrong said...

This is one of the four colors of Akkerman ink I own, and I ADORE it. Beautiful blue ink.

Mike Matteson said...

I'd heard that this was a great one, and I'm glad I heard right! (Thanks for the comment, Matt. I love comments.)

Charles Duffy said...

How does it compare to Diamine Majestic Blue (another blue ink with a strong red sheen on good paper)?

Mike Matteson said...

That's an excellent question, Charles. The answer is that I have no idea! You've found one of the inks that I don't even have a sample of. I'll have to get one next time I make an order and find out.

GourmetPens said...

One of my favorites, too. It's hard to beat that deep color and exquisite sheen!