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Akkerman #03 Akkerman Blauw


This ink was an interesting one to review. I really love blue inks, and the color on this one is great. Unfortunately, when I put it in my Sailor Pro Gear I hated it. The flow was weird and inconsistent.  The color was too light. You know. All the bad stuff.

I had only had good experiences with these Akkerman inks, though, and it looked so good in the swatch. So, I decided that it needed to be in other pens. The second pen was way better. The Levenger pen is wetter and it handles this ink really well. I set that aside and I forgot what ink I put in there. So I had the thought "I'd better put Akkerman #03 in another pen." The Rotring also handled it really well.

I think this is a good ink, but it's a little on the dry side and a little temperamental about what pen you put it in. I'm still mystified as to why the ink is so weird in my Pro Gear.

Written Review

Close Ups!

I added the Shading-Sheen notes when I made the video (which you can find below), and the verdict is that there's just some shading and no sheen. On most papers you're not going to see much of any shading. 

Color Comparisons

 Even more comparisons!

Copy Paper Tests


I mentioned above that I'd forgotten that I put this ink in the Levenger pen. The ink looked pretty similar, but I did some chromatography to make sure. Yep. It's the same. 

Video Review & Water Drop Test

This isn't my favorite ink in the set, but it's a cool color and it works pretty darn well in most of the pens that I'm using it in. It's a little dry, so try it out in a wet pen and use it on decent papers and you'll be fine.

Thanks goes to Anderson Pens for sending these samples out for review. All opinions are mine, alone, and no money changed hands.

Find it at Anderson Pens in 3ml samples or 60ml bottles.

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