Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

Montblanc Lucky Orange

It looks like there's sheen in this image, but you can't see that with your eyes.

A Limited Edition Montblanc! And a good one, this time!

You know I love an orange ink, and this is the kind of orange that I love. Bright, saturated, and happy. The perfect thing to use in the dead of winter to cheer yourself up.

While the color on this one is awesome, it's not a perfect ink. I had some issues with this one drying out in my nib when I didn't use the pen for a couple of days, and it was doing that in a Franklin-Christoph nib that never has that issue. Weird. Once it gets going, the ink is fairly wet, but that drying-out issue is a problem.

Check it out below, and grab a bottle before it's all gone.

Written Review!

I wrote the whole top bit out, and then spelled "disappointment" incorrectly. So I left it. Call me lazy, but I wasn't writing it again.

Close Ups!

The ink is still wet in the pic above. I like the way ink looks when it's wet. I bet you do, too.
As you'll see below, this ink works really well on copy paper. That's a big point in its favor.

Copy Paper Test!

Look at that! No bleed through, even with a broad stub nib. That's seriously good performance.

On Tomoe River:
As expected, beautiful.

In a Currently Inked Journal:

Not quite as nice as it was on the Tomoe River, but still awesome.

Color Comparisons

Bottle Service.

These LE bottles always come with a little hat. Gotta protect that snowflake.

You can see some flaky precipitates around the threads in these pictures. It's just dried ink, and nothing to freak out about, but it does say to me that this ink might be just a little over-saturated. It looks awesome, but that is probably why it's drying out in my nib.

Video Review and Water Test!

The orange doesn't stand up to water. It's kind of a mess after you clean the water off of it.

So, while not a perfect orange, it's a darn good one. You can find it at your favorite Montblanc retailer, and my favorite Montblanc retailer is Anderson Pens where I bought this ink for $19.