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Col-o-ring Ink Testing Books: Coming Soon from Well-Appointed Desk!


Just like the rest of you ink-nerds, I'm into keeping track of my inks and swatches. It's super-helpful to be able to go back and see what an ink looks like without needing to put it in a pen. There used to be a pretty cool product from Maruman that gave us small cards on a ring. The paper was pretty good, but not perfect. It was a little too absorbent and a little rough on one side. Not perfect, but good enough.

Then they cancelled the product. Bummer.

Ana (at the Well-Appointed Desk) has been working on a replacement for these cards-on-a-ring, and they're finally ready for public consumption. The paper looks better than its predecessor. And the name is rad. I bought the first ones, and I'm excited for them to arrive for testing.

That's Ana's picture. Not mine.

Check out Ana's post about them!
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