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KWZ Chicago Blue (2017 Chicago Pen Show Exclusive)


This is an exclusive ink that I picked up in Chicago, and it's probably pretty hard to find right now. It may show up from some vendors who picked up extras after the end of the Chicago Show, or it might be on the secondary market. Anyway, that's where I'd look if I were looking for some.

This is a really interesting shade of blue. Deep, rich, and thick. It's not all that much like anything I had swatched (as you'll see below), so I may go to the trouble to dilute it a little. The closest thing I could find was the J. Herbin Bleu Ocean. Pretty cool to find such a unique blue!

Check it out below and let me know what you think.

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

Tomoe River

Currently Inked Journal (Wheat straw paper)


Color Comparisons!

Water Test and Video Review

Bonus Pics!

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essay writing company said...

I never knew there are shows where inks are sold. Thank you for posting all the details about the color and comparisons. I’m sure your post helped all people who like collecting different inks.

Anonymous said...

I believe that shade of blue is called "ultramarine," and it's so gorgeous.