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Lamy Petrol


This is one of those limited edition inks that came and went very quickly. I was lucky enough to get a bottle from a local vendor (Crazy Alan's Emporium) when the first (and maybe only?) wave of the ink went out to vendors. You might be able to find some online, but your best bet might be a smaller local vendor if you have one.

The matching Lamy Safari is still available, but I think they made far more of those than the ink. I still haven't gotten one, but I'll probably pick one up at the DC show if they're still available. I don't need another Safari, but I do like the matte finish on this pen.

Petrol is an interesting ink. It's a super-dark blue-green that can easily pass as a black ink under most circumstances. It's got some shading (on the right paper and with the right nib) and some sheen (same caveats). There are some other inks that are a fairly close approximation, but they're all a bit more expensive than Petrol.  Look for those further down in the post.

Written Review

Close Ups!

Copy Paper Test

Wheat Paper

Tomoe River Paper

Color Comparisons

 I just published a tutorial on how to make these, if you're curious. It's fun and easy!

Water Test and Video Review!

You're going to get a lot of smear from this ink when you get it wet, but you should also have plenty of text left over in a darker green color. Maybe cool for some artistic purposes?

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