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Kaweco Special Brass ** Give Away! **


This is a Kaweco pen that you don't see very often in the USA. There appear to be only a couple of vendors here selling this interesting little pen. This one came to me Via Massdrop, and they'll be running a drop for this pen starting at the time this post goes live. Thanks, Massdrop! Also: They're giving one away over at Massdrop! Go here to sign up for that give-away! 

This pen comes in both the brass version pictured here, and in an aluminum version that is painted black. The black one seems more common. This 8-sided pen has a MSRP of around $130 (or $119, I'm not sure), which places it in the upper end of their fountain pen line. It appears to use the same Bock nibs as the Kaweco Sport and other pens in their line. My review pen writes really well, and I'm happy about that. I've not had a bad Kaweco nib, actually. Check out this pen (below), enter to win (above), and let me know what you think (in the comments section).


Very cool little tin which can hold a couple of pens, or just the one. It's a cool box!

The Pen!

This pen is raw brass, and it tarnishes pretty quickly. I've had this pen for about a week and a half, and it's tarnished up nicely. You can even see my fingerprints in a couple of places. Keep scrolling for details and some pictures of the pen after I polished it a bit.

There's an o-ring between the cap and barrel. It keeps the parts all tight.

Some of the sparse branding on this pen. Barely visible through the fingerprints.

The Nib and Some Close-Ups:

It's a good nib. It writes every time, and I have zero complaints.

There's nothing inside the cap. I just thought this looked cool.


The Special can take a cartridge or a converter of the Standard International variety. That's a little unusual for a Kaweco pen, and it's great. Yay for converters!


I broke out the jewler's cloth and the elbow grease, and I went to work on this pen for a while. It didn't work perfectly, but I did remove a bunch of tarnish and it's moderately shiny.

I didn't bother to polish the section, so it's a nice before/after shot.

Written Stuff!

Size Comparisons:

Video Review:

As I said in the written review and the video: I like this pen a lot. My only hang-up is the price. It's a bit expensive, I think. Look for it on sale (or on a Massdrop), and I think you'll like it.

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