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Sheaffer Skrip Red


This is one of my favorite reds, and it's certainly one that I recommend whenever someone asks for a great red. It's a true red, it behaves itself in every pen I've tried it in, and it doesn't bleed, feather, or spread on bad papers. It's sort of the ideal red ink for graders.

The hue is a true red, and that's pretty great. I know that true reds aren't the most exciting ones to some folks, but the simplicity of a true red is really what I'm looking for when I want to do some grading. It stands out on the page, but does nothing to distract from the words. Good stuff.

Check it out below, and give it a shot if you're in need of a red, red ink.

Written Review

Close Ups

Some Papers!

 First, have a close-up of the ink swatch on Rhodia. It's showing off the many tones of this ink. There appears to be a bit of sheen around the edges, but I've never seen that from any of my pens.

 The picture below is from a Pen Habit Currently Inked book, and this ink looks particularly good here.

The two below are from an Ink Journal with Tomoe River paper, and the lack of absorbtion makes the ink look more orange than it actually is.

Copy Paper Test

 The fine nib on the Unica is oddly wet and sharp, and that combination causes it to create bleeds and such with pretty much every ink on copy papers. It's a weird nib.


Bottle Service

I thought these pictures came out well, so there you have it. 

Color Comparisons!
 I've got several more color comparison cards at the end of the review.

Water Test and Review Video


It's great. Get it.


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marc said...

I absolutely love this ink. As a teacher, it is a go-to to make the page bleed! It behaves magnificently. I love the color and it is very affordable. said...

thanks a lot for all these photos! has a special image how a perfect teacher should look like!