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Kyo-Iro Stone Road of Gion


**I meant for this post to go up ages ago, and I totally forgot about it. Sorry about that.**

So, Stone Road isn't an ink that I really like. I tried to like it for so long and we just don't get along. It's an interesting brown color, and I love browns. Unfortunately, it is just too undersaturated and too dry for my tastes. I tried it in a few pens (and pretty well exhausted the sample I had), but it ended up being in this Conway Stewart for entirely too long when I wrote the review. I was actually a little anxious to get it out of this pen so that I could enjoy this Conway again.

Anyway, if you've got a very wet nib or if you just like pale inks, I'd say give this one a try. If not, then give it a sample or a pass.

Written Review

Close Ups!

20 lb Copy Paper Test

Currently Inked (Wheat Paper)


Water Test and Video Review

Color Comparisons

**This sample was sent out by Anderson Pens for my review. No money changed hands, and my review is my own. Your mileage may vary. Et cetera, et cetera. **
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LJD said...

Interesting! I had it in a Kaweco Perkeo and loved it. And I really don't like pale inks. I found it to be a great khaki color. I'll try to remember to try it in an overly wet pen like a Pelikan.

Eddie said...

Great reading your bblog post