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Taccia's Ebi (Purple-Red) (Shrimp)


Check out this interesting ink from a brand that has just started selling ink. The ink is labeled Nakabayashi, but I don't think they actually make it. I don't know who does, but I like this ink. Check it out below (alongside all sorts of other inks).

Written Review!

Close Ups!

The shading on this ink is pretty great. It's there, but the ink is saturated enough to be readable and unsaturated enough to be interesting. 

And the price is very nice. At a time when Sailor is shrinking their bottles to 20ml and raising their prices to $15, this is a good deal. 

Copy Paper Test

There's some bleed on this paper, but it performs so well elsewhere that I can totally overlook it.

Inky Fingers (Wheat Paper)

InkJournal Tomoe River

Video Review

Water Test

Cool lookin' smear left over when you put water on this ink, eh? It turns purple, but it's totally readable. I think this might make for some really near art-uses as well. 

 Annnnd that's really neat.

Color Comparisons

Pen Chalet sent this ink out for review, and I do my best to keep that sort of thing from lending bias to my reviews. No money changed hands, and not assurances were given aside from my honest review.
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