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Sailor Ink Studio 840


Sailor Ink Studio inks have been around for a few years now, but they were restricted to in-store sales and very few stores for quite a while. I've never heard a good reason for that but, fortunately, one can buy these inks online from a few stores these days. 

As you might be aware, the Ink Studio line doesn't give any names to their inks. Just numbers. Kelli over at Mountain Of Ink has done an awesome job of swatching and showing the breadth of the ink line. Check out her blog here. In general, the ink's number will tell you something about how saturated that ink will be. Thus, inks in the 00 and 100 line are generally fairly light while inks in the 800 and 900 line are pretty saturated. 

I've been lucky enough to get samples of a few of these from friends, and I think this is the first one I've actually put on the blog.

This blue is just beautiful, I think. I've only used it in this one Sailor broad nib, but it has been a very reliable medium flow with a small amount of shading and an occasional hint of sheen. It's reliably well-behaved on most papers, but it does do a little bit of bleeding and a little bit of feathering on the worst copy paper. Keep it to papers that are better than that and I think you'll be quite pleased.

If only it came in bigger bottles and a lower price point!


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*** This ink sample was a gift from a viewer, and I do my best not to let that sort of thing affect my reviews. What you see is what I got. ***

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