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St. Louis Pen Show 2021 Ink: KWZ's Meet me in St. Louis "Forest Park Green"


The St. Louis Pen Show has sent me a sample of their show ink to review every year, and it's always been pretty cool. I think this is my favorite one yet. Thanks, Ken! 

A bright, planty green, Forest Park fills the niche in my col-o-dex that isn't occupied by very many other inks. As you'll see at the bottom of the page, I didn't find many inks that were close. A couple more have been suggested to me in YouTube comments, but none have the combination of features that this ink has. They're darker, lighter, sheeny, yellow-y. This one is a pure green. 

Unfortunately, it's only available for three weekends this month at the St. Louis Pen Show. That show is online, though, and they're going to spread the ink supply out over the duration, so you should be able to get a bottle if you want one. And at $18 for 60ml, it's fairly priced. It does smell a bit of vanilla, but not too much, and the smell doesn't linger. 

Written Review

Close Ups

Copy Paper Test

Ink Journal - Tomoe River

Inky Fingers - Wheat Straw Paper

Water Test

It's...not waterproof at all. 


Video Review:

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Color Comparisons

You might also check out Diamine Kelly Green (though it's much more yellow), and J. Herbin Lierre Sauvage (though it's more saturated). 

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