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ST Dupont Line D Guilloche Large Fountain Pens!



Confession time: I started this post in May. Somehow I just never hit the "publish" button. 

These ST Dupont Guilloche pens were sent out for me to review by Coles of London. The short version is that they're really fantastic pens. Their feelis excellent, the nibs are excellent, and that guilloche finish is next level. It's got a depth that you really want to watch the video to see. Since I made this video for my YouTube channel they have released other colors including a very popular lavender color that I know people love.


**They are lacquered with some sort of  "natural lacquer" which Audrey reacted to a little bit. She's very sensitive to any sort of urushi, so this won't bother you if you don't have any sensitivity to that kind of thing.**

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