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Franklin-Christoph's New Ink: Bronze Age!



New inks! Those are always the best kinds of inks, if you ask me. I also like inks in this odd sort of brownish tone. It's a color that I was tempted to file under the "swamp vibes" category, but I'm not sure it really fits. It does match the slightly tarnished look of one of my bronze pens. Not a full tarnish, and not a shiny bronze, but like a slightly used bronze pen color. It's neat. 

Check it out at Franklin-Christoph's webpage.

The Review Page

Cool color, good flow, an excellent chromatography, and a really attractive price point. What's not to love in a brown ink?

Some Close-Ups

Copy Paper Test

Both of these nibs are on the wider side (even though one is marked "fine"), and so the performance on this bottom-tier paper is pretty average, I'd say. 

Other Papers

This first one is a wheat straw paper, which is fairly normal, but really good for fountain pen ink. Something like sugarcane paper. 

These two are on Tomoe River paper. The original recipe. 

Color Comparisons

That Birmingham Pen Co. ink is fairly close, but a bit more yellow than Bronze Age. I'm not sure if they make that ink anymore, either. 

So, for $9.25? I think it's totally worth it. 

Video Review

** This ink was sent out for review by Franklin-Christoph. I try not to let that sway my reviews, but what you see is what you get. **

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