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De Atramentis Ink Sample Haul

Hooray for getting lots of inks in the mail! The Goulet Pen Company was getting rid of a bunch of De Atramentis inks, and I ordered up a bunch of samples. The shipping was about the same as the cost of the order, but them's the breaks. I also picked up a couple of Noodler's samples and a pack of their empty vials so that I can decant some samples of my own.



George Washington, Terra di Sienna, and Olive Green are all interesting inks. The black looks a little average, but Terra and Olive are both really interesting. Olive went down a little pale, but it darkened as it dried, and I'm excited to start using it.

Of the next three, Mouse and Bordeaux are the ones that I'm most looking forward to. Bordeaux looks a little darker to my naked eye than it appears in this picture, but it is really a matter of lighting.

Graphite black is a smooth off-black and Coffee smells like coffee. I don't know that it looks like coffee, though. It's more like light coffee beans than brewed coffee. It's a rich color, though, and I haven't had many browns lately.

These last two are the only non-DA inks that I went for in this order. Luxury blue is a color that I've read about, but I've never used. Blues are really my favorite, so I had to try it out. It's an expensive ink, but it might be worth it. Upper Ganges is also an expensive one, but I used up my last sample way too fast. I had to get more. It's a great ink.

 This is the back of the page I swatched these on. The notebook is one that my wife brought back from Cambodia. It's hand-made there, and the paper is actually pretty high-quality. The ink bled through a little, but it didn't get on the next page (aside from a couple of small dots).

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