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Organics Studio Edgar Allen Poe


I've been critical of Organics Studio in the past. Well, Tyler has totally redeemed himself.

Edgar Allen Poe is a dark red ink with plenty of shading that behaves itself quite well on the majority of papers. It shades beautifully on Rhodia, and I've also had it perform well on printer papers and on the specialty paper that Anderson Pens sells.

It doesn't feather more than a little on a low grade Office Depot note pad, and it doesn't even quite bleed through on that paper. It will ghost heavily, but it doesn't spot onto the next page. In short, it behaves itself quite well even in a slightly wet pen with a broad-stub for a nib.

Where would I use this? Well, I'd certainly use it to grade with because it is not-black and it can handle itself on cheap papers. I've already used it to take some notes with because it's quick-drying and interesting to look at. If you're a letter-writer, then you'll like it. It's not quite formal enough for business usage because it does still present as a reddish ink even though it's fairly dark.

When I first looked at it, I thought it was a bit like Noodler's Black Swan in English Roses, but it's much darker. It's a little like Noodler's Red-Black, but it's not as dark, and it's more maroon. It's closest to the really dark red that Levenger's Fireball changes into when it oxidizes in a pen over some time. It's actually really close to Sailor's Jentle Grenade, but that ink is a little more pink/purple than Poe. So, among the inks that I've got on hand, this one is unique.

Organics Studio has also changed their packaging. Tyler has gone from glass jars, to glass bottles, to plastic bottles. They're not bad at all, and they're not going to break in transit or be as heavy as glass. If you're more interested in ink than in bottles, then you're going to like that change.

The mottling on these two images is kinda nice, eh?

I've been searching for a place in my house that has good natural light. I don't have a fancy camera, and it can't handle too much light or too little. It turns out that I've got really good light at the window off of my kitchen, but I have to kind of sit/kneel on the floor with the subject in one hand and the camera in the other with the subject just out of the light. Also, it has to be in the late morning.

Is it water resistant? See for yourself.

Sneak peak:

Not really.

***Disclaimer: This ink was provided to me by Organics Studio at not charge. The review, however, is entirely mine. I'm not swayed by free stuff, but I do welcome it.***
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Anonymous said...

Great review thanks. I'm a big fan of the Burgundy, maroons and Red-Black genre. I'm guilty of staying with the brands that I'm familiar with so you've motivated me to branch out from my Diamine/Noodlers blinders. Thanks!


Lee said...

I am not sure where things are between Tyler and me. I sort of promised him reviews, and he sort of promised me inks that wouldn't congeal in pens. We're sort of both guilty of some early missteps I suppose, and I ended up taking my big freak out break from blogging at the same time he took his finishing up school break from Organics.

I have to say I really like what I'm seeing these days. I should drop him a line just to sort of clear the air, let him give me the skinny on which of the vials of ink I own I should just straight throw out, and what have you. I will absolutely give Organics full consideration when making new ink purchases, though that's probably no time soon.

Mike Matteson said...

Yeah, there were a couple of bad mixes in the early-going. They were both reds, I think. I actually still have the vials as curiosities. I don't think any of the other ones will congeal.

I hope you can patch things up with Tyler (if they're actually damaged). He's making good inks now, and they're worth trying out. I noticed the other day that you're doing some blogging again. Good to see it!

Lee said...

Oh, I don't think they're really damaged. It was just sort of freaky weird how it all worked chronologically.

Penemuel said...

I got a bottle of this ink, and was wondering if you're still seeing good behaviour from it. I went away for a weekend and didn't use my pen that was inked with it, and when I came back I had the hardest time getting it restarted - I ended up having to soak the section to get the dried ink out of it before I could get it to behave again. I'm trying to find out if it's normal behaviour for the ink or if it's my fault for leaving the pen unused for three days... I'm really hoping it's not the ink, because I really do like it when it does behave well...

Mike Matteson said...

I don't think that's normal for this ink. I used it quite a lot for a while, there, and I never noticed a hard-start that I can remember. I often leave a pen unused for days or even (sometimes) weeks. Was the pen capped, and was that cap tight?

Penemuel said...

Thanks - glad to hear the ink's continuing to behave for you. It was a Kaweco Sport Ice, and the cap was definitely tight. I've since bought a Kaweco squeeze converter (I was reusing a cleaned ink cartridge and then a DIY sac 'converter' before) and hopefully using a clean converter built for the pen will solve the problem. Keeping my fingers crossed...