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Diamine Graphite (Now with Video!)

Took this while the smear was still wet. Awesome, right?
I'm always both excited and dubious about a grey ink. They're often too light for me to use very much or too dark for them to look much different from a black. I just checked through my reviews, and I don't really have any grey inks posted. I know I've used some, but I guess I didn't review them. That's weird.

Anyway, Graphite is true to its name. It looks like you're writing with a pencil. It's a relatively dark grey that looks not-quite-black when you have a wet nib. The rest of the time, it looks like a dark-ish pencil lead.

The Rhodia Dot Pad that I wrote the review on doesn't show any bleed-through, but you'll see some light ghosting through cheaper like the Staples pad that I tried it out on (but didn't photograph). I suppose I could start taking pictures of the ink on cheaper paper. Would anyone care to see that comparison?

I show my TWSBI 540 with the cap posted, here. Don't do that unless you're very careful. I think I only posted it so that it wouldn't roll off the page. I don't usually write with it in that condition. 

This looks a little bit on the green side on this monitor, but it's really more of a grey in real life. 

Here are a few comparisons with other inks that I have sitting on my desk. Dark Denim is already reviewed, and I'll have Olde Emerald almost ready to go. I have a couple of new Franklin-Christoph nibs coming in the mail, and I want to test the ink in those nibs before I post them. I've got a Walt Whitman review coming, too, but it's been too cloudy to take good pictures. Darn rain. I'd like one clear day so that I can take a raft of pictures!

I'll have a water-test up soon, but I keep forgetting to do it. I don't expect that it's very water-resistant, though.

Here you go. It does have a little water resistance, but I'd keep it away from your coffee.

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Georgayne said...

You're right-it's not water resistant. However, it is an all-time favorite of mine, both for just writing and artwork. It does have a green undertone for what it's worth. Overall it's a very well-behaved ink and has a permanent spot in my pens.

GourmetPens said...

Oh my. That first picture got me. I must get this.

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks! I don't usually take the pictures while the ink is still wet, but this one looked too good to pass up.