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De Atramentis Silver Grey

I've been into grey inks lately, and I have a few of these reviews stacked up, just waiting to be written. This De Atramentis ink looks way better in these pictures than it does in real life. The Rhodia paper really helped the ink pool and retain its color.

On regular papers (standard office paper, filler papers, legal pads and such), this ink is too faint to really be useful. It bleeds and feathers and spreads.

It's just not as good as the other grey inks that I've been trying out.

As a sneak peak, I've got Diamine Graphite, Organics Studio Arsenic, and Mont Blanc Einstein coming up soon.

Here's the water resistance test. It's a little surprising.

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GourmetPens said...

I really liked this ink... and then I got Diamine Graphite. And fell in love with its weirdness!