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New Wednesday Feature: Nibs & Nails!

Hey folks,
My wife and I both have blogs, and Elaine at JetPens suggested that we combine our powers for a weekly feature. Well, here it is! Nibs & Nails will generally be part of the Wordless Wednesday blog-trend, but I want to introduce the feature this time. If you like nail polish news and reviews, go see Right on the Nail!

This is Jessica Starfish Glow on the nails, and Mrs. RightOnTheNail's turquoise Lamy Safari. It was her first fountain pen, and it's what I used to hook her on these fantastic things.

Find your own Lamy Safari:
Jet Pens
Anderson Pens
Goulet Pens
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JetPens Penpal said...

Awesome!! Love the tropical feel of this combo.

Mike Matteson said...

We thought it was kinda spring-timey as well as tropical. Glad you like it!