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Platinum Cyclamen Pink

I wrote this ink review back in October (for Breast Cancer Awareness Month), and then the sheet fell off of my desk and I completely forgot about it. Anywho, it's surfaced in the chaos of my office, and here it is!

Cyclamen pink is a bright pink color, and it really reminds me of the flower's color. It's a little oddly behaved, in that it doesn't feather or bleed (much), but it does spread on most papers. You can see that in the writing samples below. They were done with a Lamy Safari's fine nib, and the result isn't really fine.

Cyclamen on Mnemosyne Word Book Paper
The color is a good one if you're looking for a pink. I've never used any other Platinum inks, so I don't know if the spreading is typical, but it's really not that big a deal if you use it in a fine nib. The dry-time is pretty darn fast, though, so that's good. 

Here's the video on this ink, and it's hastily done but it does have a surprising conclusion. 

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