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A Colibri Pen (Model = Mystery!)

So, today I'm showing a pen that I can't tell you much about. I know. It's weird. I didn't even know that Colibri made fountain pens, but apparently they do (or they did, anyway).

There's no model number on this pen, and I don't really know it's heritage. I found it at an estate auction last summer, and I bought it without seeing it. They said "Fountain pen in a fancy box!" and I jumped at it. I think I was bidding against one other person, and it was a lot of fun. If you've not been to an auction, then you should go to an auction. Bid on something. It's a rush!

Turns out that this pen was given to someone who bought a Cadillac. I guess they used to give you gifts when you bought fancy cars?

Anywho, here are a few pictures.

 It's a pretty unassuming pen. It's actually the only pen in my collection that has a gold-colored trim. As you can see, the cap is the largest part of this pen. It's also where the weight is, as the barrell is a pretty light (but not cheap-feeling) plastic.
 The clip is going to be polarizing. It's not my favorite, but some people like bold clips. The real problem with it, though, is that it's way too stiff. It's crazy-stiff.
 The "COLIBRI" stamped into the cap-band is pretty classy.
 These two pics show the pen posted. It's most comfortable to write with this way, for me. It's slightly too light, otherwise. The problem is that it's not all that good at posting. You've got to really cram the cap on there to make it stay. It will, though.

Ah, the nib. I actually really like this nib. It's very fine, and the look is a good one. The two-tone blends into the gold bit at the end of the section, and I like the simplicity of this design. Nothing crazy. Just a brand name and a two tone. Good stuff.

 I haven't been able to pull the nib or section on this pen, but I haven't really needed to. It's been easy to clean out.

It's a cartridge pen, but I think that a converter would probably fit in the barrell. I haven't tried it, though.

How does it write? Well, it writes well. Take a look at the review below to see an extended sample. It's one of my grading pens, because it's fine enough to write lots of notes in margins and it will keep your ink from bleeding through the paper. 

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Unknown said...

I have a brass engine trned colibri fountainpen bought in the middle east aroun 15 years ago very heavy

Unknown said...

I have a brass engine trned colibri fountainpen bought in the middle east aroun 15 years ago very heavy