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Noodler's Texas Pecan


I'm a big fan of this ink. It's a great brown ink that has no start-up problems and it feels great on the nib. I've been hearing from some people lately that Noodler's inks are prone to clogging and overs-saturation. I don't have that feeling about them at all. This ink, anyway, is pretty great.

It looks just like a pecan, to me. Not so much the nut itself, but the shell of a pecan. They're sort of striped with light and dark browns. They're also a little bit dull. They're not shiny, they're sort of matte. This ink is matte, too, and I don't find that in many inks. It's going to be a turn-off for some people, but I really like that kind of look.

Texas Pecan is one of the (relatively) few inks that I have a whole bottle of, so I thought I'd show it off. I think this ink only comes in the small 1oz bottle so, per volume, it's a lot more expensive than the regular Noodler's inks. It's exclusive to Dromgoole's in Houston, and you'll have to call them up to get some of this ink. They'll ship it, but they don't really do website sales. 

Another thing to notice with this ink is that it doesn't have the reds and other colors in it that you get in some browns. It's also dark enough to use for most purposes, though I don't know how people would feel about it in an office environment. I can tell you that it's perfectly readable. 

I think the pictures say it all for this ink. Want a brown ink? Get this one.

Here's the water test video. I can tell you this: I was really surprised.

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